Taking courses at another institution

Students may be able to take courses at another institution to satisfy a degree requirement at Oneonta. If a student wishes to take a course at another institution, they must work with the Academic Advisement Team to request approval prior to enrolling in the course. Additionally, students who wish to take courses at another SUNY institution may be eligible for Cross-Registration.

There are several rules that are considered when determining where, how, and if a transfer course may be approved. Remember:

  • Only courses required for a degree may be approved for transfer
  • Students who wish to take courses solely from another institution during the Fall or Spring semester must apply for an Academic Leave of Absence.
  • Students may not be granted approval for any course where credit has already been earned. Prior Approval requests will not be granted if a student has already earned credit (D- grade or higher) for the course at Oneonta

Transfer Course Equivalency Database

The Transfer Course Equivalency Database can be used to see which courses at other institutions have previously been accepted at SUNY Oneonta. Example: If a student is looking to complete the equivalent of PSYC 100 at another institution, they can use the database to see a list of all the schools that offer an equivalent course.

As a currently matriculated student, it is important to note:

  • This database is a guide to course equivalencies and not a guarantee of transferability
  • The database includes many evaluated courses from SUNY institutions. The list is not exhaustive. For courses not in the system or from non-SUNY institutions, reach out to Academic Advisement​​​​​
  • Prior approval from the Academic Advisement Center is required for all courses taken at another institution, including courses listed in the database

Transfer Course Equivalency Database

Submitting a request for Prior Approval

Prior Approvals ensure:

  • The student is eligible to take courses from another institution
  • The course will be accepted by SUNY Oneonta, assuming successful completion of the course
  • The course satisfies the specific requirement the student is trying to meet

Complete the following steps to submit a request for Prior Approval:

  1. Determine the subject and course number of the requirement you wish to fulfill at SUNY Oneonta

  1. Ensure that you have not already earned credit for the course

  1. Search for an equivalent course using the Transfer Course Equivalency Database

  1. Confirm with the visiting college that the course you plan to take is being offered during the term you wish to complete it

  1. Complete the Prior Approval Form

  1. Submit the form in person or by email to academic.advisement@oneonta.edu

  1. If your request is approved, you may register for the course at the visiting institution

  2. Upon completion of the course, you must have an official transcript sent to the Registrar's Office at SUNY Oneonta.

SUNY Cross Registration

Students may request to take courses from another SUNY school through Cross Registration. Cross Registration is not available for winter coursework. Learn more about the SUNY Cross-Registration Policy.

Submitting a request for an Academic Leave of Absence

Students who wish to take courses solely from another institution during the spring or fall terms must submit a request for an Academic Leave of Absence in addition to receiving prior approval for the coursework. To submit a request to take an Academic Leave of Absence, students must:

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