Student success requires collaboration with Accessibility Resources and faculty.

Accessibility Resources is available to help students with self-advocacy, identifying and using campus resources, and determining the accommodations that are appropriate for them. Student responsibilities include:

  • Working collaboratively with Accessibility Resources staff to determine and secure academic accommodation and support services, as needed;
  • Sharing your accommodation plan with your instructors, discussing your academic strengths and needs, and reviewing necessary classroom accommodations;
  • Adhering to the policies contained in our Policies and Procedures tab;
  • Complying with the SUNY Oneonta Academic Integrity Policy;
  • Attending class, participating, and adhering to course syllabi;
  • Contacting Accessibility Resources if there are any difficulties regarding the implementation of your accommodations.


Accessibility Resources
133 Milne Library
SUNY Oneonta
Oneonta, NY 13820


Phone 607-436-2137

Fax 607-436-3167

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