Accessibility Resources Information for Faculty

Faculty play a critical role in ensuring an inclusive learning environment for all students. Accessibility Resources facilitates providing exam accommodations, assistive technology, and much more. If you have questions about an accommodation or need more information on how to provide them, please contact the Accessibility Resources Office.


Faculty Responsibility

Faculty members may:

  • Discuss accommodations in private locations with identified students in their classes.
  • Check on the validity of a student's registration for services by contacting Accessibility Resources.
  • Consult with both the staff of Accessibility Resources and the student in determining appropriate academic accommodations.
  • Help students whom they suspect have a disability by suggesting that the student seek support from the appropriate campus service providers.

Faculty members may not:

  • Violate student privacy. Faculty members should not single out students in class or mention any academic adjustment to them in front of their peers. These actions breach privacy.
  • Receive or review a student's documentation of a disability unless given a written consent by the student. Likewise, faculty members cannot request information about the student's disability from the campus service providers.
  • Refuse a request for an academic accommodation. If an issue arises, such as a safety issue, the faculty member should contact Accessibility Resources to discuss the accommodation request.
  • Ask the student if they have a disability if the student is experiencing difficulty in class. The faculty member can suggest the student seek support services and direct them to schedule a meeting with Accessibility Resources.

ADA Requirement for Class syllabi

Class syllabi must include the following statement:

“All individuals who are diagnosed with a disability are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. As such, you may be entitled to certain accommodations within this class. If you are diagnosed with a disability, please make an appointment to meet with Accessibility Resources, 133 Milne Library, (607)436-2137.”

Additionally, you may wish to include information about using accommodations in your class:

“It is your responsibility to register with Accessibility Resources and authorize me to view your accommodation plan. You will only receive accommodations once you provide me with an Accessibility Resources accommodation plan and meet to discuss how you plan to use your accommodations in this class.”

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