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The following course equivalencies are based on current information. Equivalencies are reviewed frequently and are subject to change without notice.

Inclusion on this site is not a guarantee of transferability, but rather, a guide to Oneonta equivalencies.

ABOUT EQUIVALENCIES: Courses from other academic institutions may be determined to be:

  • equivalent – This course is, essentially, the same as a course offered at SUNY Oneonta, and fulfills the same major and/or general education requirement(s).
  • elective within a department (example: PSYC 10E) – This course has not been determined to be equivalent to any courses offered at SUNY Oneonta; it MAY, however, fulfill major and/or general education requirements. Upon a student’s acceptance to the college, it is possible to have electives re-evaluated by the relevant department(s) for possible equivalencies.
  • elective (example: ELEC 10E) – This course has no equivalent at SUNY Oneonta, and does not fit into any academic department. The credits may transfer in and apply toward the total number of credits required for graduation, but will not satisfy major or general education requirements.

If a course is not listed, it has not been previously evaluated, and will likely transfer in as an elective until it has been reviewed by the appropriate department.

Prospective students: Within two weeks of your acceptance, you will be able to view your transfer credits through DegreeWorks (DW) at myOneonta. The DW audit is preliminary and subject to change. If you are unable to view your DW audit after two weeks after your acceptance, please contact your Admissions Counselor.

Current students: You must receive prior approval from Academic Advisement before taking courses at another institution.

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