College Assistance Migrant Program Services


CAMP provides an array of services that help alleviate the pressures faced by first-year college students. CAMP services include a tuition scholarship and other financial support, assistance with academics, and personal counseling. CAMP assists all candidates for the program in the accurate and timely completion of admissions paperwork including college, CAMP, and EOP (if applicable) applications and financial aid documents.

Financial Support

  • CAMP assists students with applying for all available grants, scholarships, and/or government school loans.
  • CAMP provides a tuition scholarship.
  • CAMP provides all textbooks and school supplies, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • CAMP also provides financial support to facilitate participation in enrichment activities and other campus-sponsored events.

Academic Support

CAMP provides an academic specialist who works one-on-one with students to support progress towards educational goals. Supports include, but are not limited to, direct tutoring; academic planning; academic skills instruction; goal setting and progress tracking; and educational technology training. The academic specialist also facilitates connections with campus services and refers CAMP students as necessary to these experts. Additionally, the academic specialist works cooperatively with campus faculty to help ensure student success and to create opportunities for student development through internships, independent studies, and other enrichment programs. Email for more information.

Advisor/Transition Coordinator Support

Additionally, students will have access to an advisor/transition coordinator who supports and assists students as they adjust to college life and learning. Regular meetings with the advisor occur in both individual and group settings and aim to provide students with personal, extracurricular, and life skills guidance. The advisor acts as a liaison between CAMP students and campus clubs and organizations and facilitates the development of a strong support system to improve study and social skills. Through active adjustment support and community development, the goal is to help students transition successfully from high school to the demands of college independence. Email for more information.

CAMP Upperclassmen Support

The CAMP staff has worked hard to raise money and find new and inventive ways to support our students in their second years and beyond. CAMP is now proud to have the CAMP Fund. This fund is used to help upperclassmen with college expenses such as textbooks, supplies, course fees, honor society dues, and graduation regalia. CAMP is also providing academic, social, and emotional support to upperclassmen through regularly outreach and programming. Email for more information.

Other Campus Resources

The Office of Access & Opportunity Programs (AOP)

Tutoring through AOP

Tutoring & support through the Student Learning Center (SLC)

Academic Advisement

Accessibility Resources:

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