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This data presents known positive test cases among SUNY Oneonta students. Students in isolation have tested positive for COVID-19. Students in quarantine are suspected of being positive for COVID-19.

Fall 2020 Contingency Plan

This plan details the steps SUNY Oneonta is taking to wind down on-campus activities and services in an orderly fashion for the rest of the fall semester. This plan is designed with the safety and health of our entire campus community in mind.  Excluded from this plan are the students and facilities of the Cooperstown Graduate Program, which is housed and administered at a location in Cooperstown.

Read the full plan

Questions and Answers

The college is planning for the spring semester now and considering learning modality and housing options.

Quarantine and Isolation

We recommend all students help stop the outbreak by quarantining in place. Students are required to quarantine if they have been mandated by the state through contact tracing to do so.  

Quarantine is a way of restricting the movement of people who may have been exposed to an infectious disease until it can be determined that they are not infected. 

Isolation is a way of removing a known infected person from the community so they cannot spread disease. In this case the campus has set aside a residence hall where COVID positive students can be housed and cared for until they are no longer infectious. 

A campus care team will make support calls to each student daily or as often as the student indicates they want a care team call. Medical staff are available to do tele-health and in-person health visits as needed. Many students may have no or minimal symptoms and might not need to be seen. Students with symptoms will have a check-in meeting every few days or more frequently depending on the severity of their symptoms.


Yes. The course withdrawal date for students has been extended to Dec. 4. 

No. At this time, the college will not have a pass/fail option for fall 2020 due to accreditation and licensure requirements and financial aid implications. 

Maybe, depending on the location of the internship site. Internships in Oneonta and Otsego County have been suspended. Students and faculty should consult their internship agreement and monitor the public health website for the county where the internship is occurring for information on the health and safety of attending the internship (located on the internship form).  

Students should contact their course instructor to make arrangements to pick-up their belongings. 

IT Services will provide remote support. Customers will be able to access our services in the following ways:

Damascene Book Cellar is open all semester for late purchases, to buy books that students no longer need, and to answer any book-related questions. Damascene can be contacted at 607 436-3329 and

For the balance of the fall 2020 semester, students can order directly from Damascene Book Cellar for curbside pickup or shipment to home addresses. Used and new purchases, rentals and access codes are available.

Students with books that were previously ordered and who have not been contacted by Damascene to arrange for shipment should call the store at 607-436-3329.

The deadline to return books and rentals for a full refund was Sept. 11. Only refunds received or postmarked by that date qualify for a refund. All other refund policies apply: books must be accompanied by a receipt; books and access codes purchased or rented in shrink wrap must be returned in the shrink wrap; and books and access codes that were purchased or rented as new must still be brand new as Damascene determines. Returns must be packed well, should be sent via a trackable method, and should be accompanied by a note with the student’s name, phone number and email address. Damascene takes no responsibility for books and packages that are lost or damaged in transit.

The deadline to return fall semester rentals has been extended to Jan. 20, 2021.

On-Campus Housing and Dining

Students that remain on campus and are not in quarantine or isolation may receive deliveries.

Students who are placed in quarantine or isolation buildings will have meals prepared and delivered by the college’s Catering Department throughout their confinement. There will be two deliveries each day, a mid-morning brunch and an evening dinner that will also include a continental breakfast for the following morning.  

Residential dining services has relocated to Morris Hall. Students may select from a variety of meals for takeout and must maintain social distancing protocols and wear masks.

  • Resident Dining — unlimited meals for those on the Resident Dining Plan
  • Students with the On-The-Go plan can pay the door price for the meals they choose: $6.50 breakfast, $8 lunch and $9 dinner.
  • A variety of action stations will be offered throughout the day (i.e. salad toss, deli, omelets, pasta, stir fry, and a signature dinner each night).
  • There will be options for any student with special dietary needs.
  • a “Morris Market” will offer retail grab and go items as well as grocery items, where students may use their retail dining dollars, and students with the On-The-Go Plan can work with the Catering Staff to select grocery items they would like for their own meal preparations.

Hours of operation for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night bite:

  • Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

No. Visitors are not allowed.

The college will make arrangements to get urgent packages and mail to students who are quarantined and in isolation. Dragon Express will email students when packages arrive. Please read that email carefully. Students can schedule a time to come to Hunt Union to pick up their packages curbside. A link to schedule that appointment will be included in the email. 


Pool testing

Pool testing for COVID-19 will be available to students and employees this semester:

  • every Monday at the Alumni Field House from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.;
  • every Monday at the college’s Cooperstown facility from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.; and
  • every Tuesday at the Alumni Field House from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Weekly pool testing is required for all on-campus students except those who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days. The college recommends that off-campus students be tested on a regular basis.

Prior to coming to the pool testing site, students and employees must create a COVID-19 surveillance account and register online. Registration information is for internal campus use only. Two pointers:

  • The registration site will ask for your Student ID. No. Employees should insert their SUNY employee ID number. (If you don’t know it, then contact HR.)
  • When you reach the screen asking if you have a testing kit, do not respond. You will need to bring up this screen on your electronic device (phone, laptop, tablet) and answer in the affirmative once you are at the testing site.

Pre-test Protocol

  • For three hours prior to your test, do not brush your teeth or use mouthwash.
  • In the 30 minutes prior to your test, do not eat or drink anything, including mints, chewing gum or lozenges and do not smoke, vape, or use smokeless tobacco.

PCR testing

The Health Center also can accommodate 12-14 students per day for PCR testing, Monday-Friday. PCR tests are available only for symptomatic students.

Testing Plan

SUNY approved the college’s COVID-19 testing plan on Sept. 16.

Off-campus students in Oneonta are encouraged to be tested regularly while taking remote courses. Pool testing is available on campus once a week. Health officials recommend that off-campus students be tested once every two weeks.

Students whose test results are negative will receive email notification. Students whose test results are positive will receive a phone call with further instructions. The college will notify all test takers of their results as soon as possible. 

The lab has had delays in getting back some of the pooled test results. Students should first check their email clutter and spam files. If they still don't see an email and haven't received a phone call, they can call the college's COVID help line at 607-436-2000 and a trained staff member will look up their test results. This line is staffed weekdays from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m.

Yes. The college will notify those individuals whose samples tested positive. No follow-up test is needed. 

About two days after their results are available, students should get an email from the lab to set up their MyChart portal. If they do this, they can then print a copy of their result if they are positive. If they were in a negative pool, they did not get individual testing so this won’t be an option for them. In that case, the test results email they receive from the college ( is their confirmation.

Contact the Otsego County Department of Health for a decision, ask for a hard copy documenting that decision, and provide it by email to Melissa Fallon-Korb

No. Upon returning home, students are advised to self quarantine for 14 days and then get tested again to ensure they are still negative.

If a student tests positive, they are placed in isolation for 14 days and must stay for the duration. If a student is in quarantine with symptoms waiting for test results, they may leave if/ when they receive a negative test result. If a student is in quarantine due to close contact with someone who has tested positive, that student must remain in quarantine for the full 14 days. This is a Department of Health mandate.

No. The test involves collecting saliva in your mouth with a swab and takes less than five minutes.

Students who receive permission to live on campus for the rest of the full semester because of special circumstances will be required to be tested once a week.

If your roommate tests positive, then you are considered a close contact and need to go into quarantine for 14 days. You will be notified by the Otsego County Department of Health. You should pack two weeks worth of belongings, including your bed linens. A van driver will come to help you move to the quarantine hall.

Health and Wellness Center

Call the Health Center at 607-436-3573 to speak with a staff member.

Yes. The Counseling Center is available to do tele-counseling for students who are physically in New York state. We are no longer seeing students in person. To set up an appointment, please call 607-436-3368.

If you are located in Otsego County and need to speak with a licensed counselor immediately, then call the 24-hour Otsego County Mobile Crisis Assessment Team at 1-844-732-6228. If you are located outside of Otsego County and are having a mental health emergency, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 to be connected to your local mental health crisis unit.

Campus Activities, Facilities and Transportation

Yes. The library will offer online services to students, faculty and staff. 

Campus offices and services such as Academic Advisement, the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Career Development Center, Counseling Center, International Education, Student Learning Center and Student Employment will continue offering virtual appointments and digital services. 

Yes. IT Services will offer remote support. Students, faculty and staff will be able to access our services Online. Visit our Remote Resources website, email us at or call 607-436-4567.   

Curb side pickup/drop off services will be coordinated on an as needed basis by appointment only. To view our hours please visit the ITS website.

The campus is not closed. However, college facilities, including the library, Hunt Union and classroom buildings, will be closed to students and only accessible to faculty and staff via card access.

No. All in-person events and activities are canceled or moved to a virtual format.

Refer to Campus Connection or the Corq app for information.

OPT is operating on a limited schedule. Bus service is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes some stops downtown, at Walmart, Southside Mall and Hannaford (upon request). Students can swipe their ID cards on buses for service. Social distancing and mask wearing on OPT buses is mandatory.

Financial Impact

By logging into and selecting “Student Bill,” then the “Fall 2020” term.

Enrolled students with a negative Total Balance  — in other words, a credit — after adjustments are applied will have two options:

  • Reduce their fall student or parent loan(s), if applicable — We encourage student and parent borrowers to consider reducing their fall loan(s) to minimize debt and future repayment amounts. Given the significant adjustments to room and dining for many students, this is an opportunity to reduce borrowing. If you are a borrower, your “refund” includes loan funds that need to be paid back with interest. Further, a refund does not reduce your loan amount. If you do not need some or all your refund now, you will benefit from lower repayments in the future. To reduce your fall loan(s) or learn more about this option, contact by Thursday, Oct. 15.
  • Accept a refund of their credit balance — No action is required to accept a refund.

Adjustments for eligible students with a balance due at the time of impact will first be applied to the amount due. Any remaining credit balance will be subject to the options above.

Direct billing questions to Student Accounts at

No. Students cannot carry credit balances to spring 2021 because they will not be registered for the new semester when the college adjusts fall charges.

Room – Students who left campus by Sept. 10 and removed their belongings or made an appointment to remove them by Sept. 21 will receive a full credit of their fall room charge. Those who left after Sept. 10 will receive a pro-rated credit. Students in quarantine or isolation on Sept. 10 are eligible for a full room credit if they left campus within a few days of their release date.

Dining – Dining will be prorated based on the date the student left campus and the portion of retail dollars they used.

Comprehensive Student Fee – This fee is composed of several individual fees, some of which are adjusted to the extent services/programs are unavailable because of the shift to remote learning. Most full-time, undergraduate students will receive an adjustment of approximately $240. Student teachers, part-time students, graduate students, and others are exempt from some fees and, therefore, will not receive adjustments for all fees.

Course Fees – Many course fees have been fully or partially credited to reflect a reduction in college-provided materials and supplies used in the course. Others have not changed as course activities continue to include the consumables or other specific costs covered by the fee.

No. Instruction will continue through the end of the fall semester.

Declining Dollars will be refunded according to the refund policy approved by SUNY. Dragon Dollars will not roll over to spring 2021. Dragon Dollar balances will be refunded.

Yes. The college will adjust those students’ Comprehensive Student Fee and certain course fees (if applicable). Also, students who remained on campus after Sept. 10 then later decided to leave will receive room and dining charge adjustments that reflect the dates they moved out.

Room – No. RAs received a full room waiver at the beginning of the semester which reduced their room charge to $0 for the fall. Although RAs’ bills will reflect a room adjustment, their RA room waivers also will be adjusted to keep their net room charge $0.

Dining – Yes. Dining will be prorated based on the date the RA left campus and the portion of retail dollars they used. The dining waiver will be applied to the adjusted dining charge.

No. Fall account adjustments will not affect enrolled students’ financial aid.

The college will issue refunds by the end of October.

Federal PLUS (parent) loan refunds will be issued to the fall parent borrower.

All other refunds will be issued to the student. To receive refunds faster, we recommend that students enroll in direct deposit through our partner, BankMobile, which allows them to choose ACH deposit into a current bank account or to set up an account with BankMobile.

Students who have not enrolled in Direct Deposit with BankMobile can do so at by Oct. 15. Students who do not have a personal code should select the “Need a Code?” link there.

Students who have enrolled in direct deposit or registered a paper check preference at BankMobile should go to and make sure their banking information or address are correct by Oct. 15.

Student Accounts cannot expedite refunds for individual students. However, students who have special circumstances, such as multiple PLUS loan (parent) borrowers, can request special handling no later than Oct. 15 by emailing Except for PLUS loan refunds, which are issued to the borrower, all other refunds can only be issued to the student.

Yes, we expect that all graduate student assistants will continue to work or transition to work or teach remotely, and that all contract terms will be honored.

Student employees who are on the payroll will be paid for the first two weeks of the semester according to their approved work schedule, whether or not work was performed for the full two weeks. Going forward, students will be permitted to work only from a remote location and will be paid for hours actually worked. Supervisors will be strongly encouraged to identify remote work duties for the students working in their department.

Students who accepted Federal Work-Study (FWS) awards and started to work at their positions after the start of the semester will be paid for the first two weeks of the semester according to their approved work schedule. Going forward, students will be permitted to work only from a remote location and will be paid only for hours they work. As FWS is a need-based program awarded to students with the least financial resources, the college encourages supervisors to identify tasks that students can perform remotely to ensure that students receive financial aid to continue being enrolled. The student employment coordinator will work with supervisors to find appropriate remote work assignments so that students who wish to continue in the FWS program can do so. The college will also monitor the number of students who have accepted awards and are actively working, as an opportunity to convert FWS funds to a grant-based program may be available.


Employees who have an approved telecommuting agreement in place should plan to work remotely except as needed to provide direct services in offices on a rotating basis or as directed by their supervisor.  All other employees should continue to work on campus as directed. 

Staff employees who work remotely should follow the process for telecommuting established in the spring. There is no need to reapply to telecommute, but weekly work plans should be submitted. Employees can come to campus as needed to pick up work assignments or materials but should notify their supervisor first. 

If a staff employee is unable to work remotely because of Internet, child care or another issue, the employee should contact HR to discuss options. If he or she plans to work on campus instead, he or she should notify HR so that arrangements for cleaning and disinfecting of workspaces can be made. 

Campus Messages

The college notifies students and employees each time any new or newly reported COVID-19 case is confirmed. These notifications are added below as the college sends them.

2 Student Test Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 28

3 More Student Tests Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 27

Student Tests Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 24

2 More Students Test Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 20

4 More Students Test Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 16

2 More Students Test Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 8

6 More Students Test Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 7

SUNY Oneonta Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19
from the Office of the President to students and employees, Oct. 6

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