You are welcome here at SUNY Oneonta. Our community embraces all races, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations. We are dedicated to ensuring that your voice is heard and that you have the resources you need to thrive here.

The Tapestry of Diversity Sculpture was installed on campus by noted mosaic artist Haifa Bint-Kadi in the summer of 2010. As a large and permanent fixture at the center of our campus quad, the pillars that make up the sculpture illustrate our strong and public commitment to nurturing a welcoming community that values diversity and inclusion. Like individual tiles in a colorful mosaic, each member of our campus community contributes something unique and valuable to the whole.

In alignment with SUNY Oneonta’s efforts to prioritize social justice, equity and inclusion, this page is designed to provide a one-stop shop spotlighting diversity-related resources and support for all campus community members.

GSRC Space

Support & Resources

You’re not alone. We’re here for all members of our campus community, from students to employees. Whether you’re feeling homesick, exploring your identity, or looking to report an issue, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of SUNY Oneonta and find the help you need. 

Facilities & Spaces

Facilities & Spaces

As a member of our college community, you deserve to feel safe, supported, and valued. These places and spaces can help.

PRISM Conference

PRISM Conference

Join us in celebrating our LGBTQIA+ community by listening to their stories, diving deep and examining historical and/or current trends and issues they face. 

Prism Conference


Kente Graduation

This annual event symbolizes and commemorates the rite of passage for multicultural student scholars who are transitioning from institutions of higher learning to the next chapter of their lives.   

Kente Graduation

Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference

This event is designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to interact with student, administrator, and faculty presenters and exchange information to enhance multicultural comprehension, self-awareness, and leadership skills. 

Leadership Conference

Common Read

Common Read

Our yearly Common Read advances diversity by encouraging students to examine and better understand topics such as equity, inclusion, and personal history through many lenses. It aims to further infuse cultural literacy into our academic program by asking the campus community to read a diversity-related book, which then is discussed in fall courses across several disciplines.

Common Read


Lavender Graduation

This annual event recognizes exceptional service, leadership, and activism on behalf of the LGBTQIA community. Awards honor graduating seniors and faculty/staff members for their outstanding contributions to diversity and inclusion at SUNY Oneonta.

Lavender Graduation

Club Expo

Multicultural Club Expo

Come meet new friends and learn about how to join and get involved with the many different multicultural clubs and organizations on campus.

Multicultural Club ExpO (TBD)


Other Events


You are considered a first-generation student if neither of your parents earned a bachelor’s degree. We know this definition may not fully account for the rich diversity of first-generation college students. For example, your parent(s) may have some college experience but did not earn a degree, or an older sibling or extended family member may have earned a college degree. No matter what your background, SUNY Oneonta is dedicated to supporting your success. students.

Learn More About First Generation


Tracy Allen
Faculty and Staff
The thing you can’t miss about Tracy Allen is his passion--for traveling, mentoring, adventure, and the natural world.
Samantha Martin
Growing up where I did, I worked at Howe’s Caverns and always loved walking through the caves and exploring. That helped me realize Earth Science was what I wanted to do. I definitely want to teach middle school earth science in a rural school district.
Mack Culpepper
Faculty and Staff
During his 45 years as a coach Mac Culpepper has made a lasting impact on hundreds of local athletes, teaching not just basketball but also life lessons on perseverance, sportsmanship and fairness.
Christine Warnquist
No one in my family had been to college even in my extended family. Not one person. And, I never thought that I wouldn't go to college and I always wanted to be a teacher. I also never thought that I might have been a role model for my nieces and nephews either. My brother-in-law was a college graduate, and I looked up to him, as he was a teacher which I aspired to be.
Wendy Lascell
Faculty and Staff
I had no idea what I was doing when I first arrived at college. I did not do well, academically, at first. I also didn't realize that a private school probably wasn't the best fit for me, and attended University of Rochester first.
Amarii Smith
Being a first-generation college graduate means a lot to me because coming from a family where college was either never finished or never started at all made me all the more determined to be the first to earn a four-year college degree.

Fast Facts

Full and part-time faculty: 461
Full-time faculty with terminal degrees: 85%
SUNY Oneonta is located in Central New York in the city of Oneonta (pop. 14,000),
about halfway between Albany and Binghamton.
15:1 students to faculty
Student/Faculty Ratio
15:1 students per one faculty
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