Student Health Insurance

Important Notice: Effective with the 2023-24 academic year, SUNY Oneonta will no longer offer a health insurance plan to our students. We regret the inconvenience this will cause.

Health Insurance Coverage

Because you may need to be referred by the Student Health or Counseling Center to off-campus providers for services beyond what is available on campus, we strongly encourage students to ensure they have adequate health insurance. Be sure to check with your current carrier to verify you are covered by your family's plan while you are out of your normal area. Be sure you have coverage at SUNY Oneonta and the surrounding localities such as Oneonta, Albany, Syracuse, and Binghamton for major hospital and medical specialists.

Know what the restrictions and limits of your coverage are. In particular, students whose coverage is through an HMO (health maintenance organization) should check their policies (or verify with their plan administrators) and determine where they can and cannot obtain coverage in the local area. If the HMO operates a providing network in the area, inquire about the availability and rules for "guest" coverage while at school.

Those who are covered by PPO's (participating provider organizations) will want to make sure they have participating providers in the area. We are not a participating provider with any insurance company, and your insurance company may not reimburse you for services provided on campus. Remember, that even if you have emergency room coverage in the area, that ER coverage should not be used as a replacement for non-emergency care.

All students are charged the Student Health Fee. This fee is not an insurance charge but instead covers only services that are provided at the Student Health Services, whereas a health insurance plan might cover services that are provided outside of Student Health Services, such as laboratory and radiology tests, physical therapy, and visits to physicians, hospitals, and other providers.

All students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance coverage.

Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage

Requirements for mandatory student health insurance remain in effect for International students and Student Athletes:

Student Athletes

In accordance with NCAA regulations, SUNY Oneonta student athletes must provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage at or before their initial team practice. Students wishing to purchase coverage in order to participate in sports are responsible for securing their own coverage through a private carrier or health exchange.

International Students

All international students are required to have United Healthcare (UHC) health insurance coverage at all times.

Why Health Insurance Is So Important

Many students think that health insurance isn't something they really need to worry about. Most college-aged people are relatively healthy and have never had the experience of undergoing extensive treatment or a hospitalization. It's easy to think that health insurance is something you will worry about later.

Unfortunately, those people who wait to get insurance until they actually need it are in danger of finding that it may be very expensive or unavailable after they really need it. Also, in the event of an emergency - which by its nature is very unlikely to be planned or anticipated - first trying to determine how to cover necessary treatment is unrealistic or impossible.

The best way to avoid problems like these, and to make sure you're able to get any medical or mental health services you need, is to make sure you have insurance in place before you leave home. Under the Health Care Reform Act, full-time students under the age of 26 may retain coverage under a parent's policy. Be sure to check whether coverage extends to you while in the Oneonta, Albany, Syracuse, and Binghamton area.

Obtaining Health Insurance

Students requiring coverage in order to participate in intercollegiate, intramural or club sports, or students looking to obtain new or supplement existing coverage, will be responsible for securing their own coverage through a private carrier or health insurance exchange.

For those seeking assistance with obtaining private health insurance, NY State of Health, The Official Plan Marketplace, is where New Yorkers can shop for, compare and enroll in health insurance coverage. It's the only place to get financial assistance to reduce the cost of coverage. To learn more, visit NY State of Health or call 1-855-355-5777.

If you need additional assistance with the NY State Marketplace, Health Insurance Navigators are an excellent resource. Students residing in New York can make a phone appointment with a Navigator through EASE (Enrollment Assistance Services and Education) at 1-800-872-3740. A local community Health Insurance Navigator, Michelle Colson, is available through Bassett Healthcare and can be reached at 607-437-3019.

International Students

All international students on F-1 student visas (exchange, visiting, and degree-seeking students) will be automatically be enrolled in the United Healthcare (UHC) health insurance plan

      All student information held at the Health Center is strictly confidential and will not be released without written or phone consent by the student and/or as required by law. Students under 18 years of age, must have parental permission to be seen and treated at the Health Center except for emergency situations, emancipated minors, or reproductive health issues.



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