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For Commonly Asked Questions about the IRS 1098-T forms, please visit our Tax Relief Information page.

To clear the bill, the student must confirm their intent to attend SUNY Oneonta by signing the semester Affirmation Statement and submitting appropriate payment. Bills can be cleared online at myOneonta or by paper via US Mail or in person. Even if the amount due is zero, the bill must be cleared each semester by the due date. The bill must be cleared in order to activate registration, dining, housing, and financial aid eligibility.

The Spring 2024 semester bill due date is January 22, 2024.

Itemized, estimated costs are available on the Tuition and Fees page.

New York State TAP requires an application in addition to the FAFSA. If you missed the opportunity to complete a TAP application at the end of the FAFSA online process, you may complete the New York State Student Aid Payment Application now.

Before your loans will appear on your semester bill, you must first login to myOneonta, select my Financial Aid, select Award Tab, select Accept Award Offer, select the 2023-24 aid year. Here, you will accept (or reduce) your federal student loan(s).

No. Students pay the full Comprehensive Student Fee regardless of the number of online courses in which they are enrolled.

E-Mail Address:

US Mailing Address:
Student Accounts Office
240 Netzer Administration Building
SUNY Oneonta
108 Ravine Parkway
Oneonta, NY 13820

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

Service Window Hours:
Fall, Winter, Spring - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday

Summer - 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Wednesday

The fall 2023 bill will be available about July 7, 2023. Spring bills are generated and available early January. Go to myOneonta (student PIN required) to review, clear and pay your bill.

No. Bills may be cleared online or by submitting a paper billing document.

SUNY Oneonta accepts Mastercard, VISA, Discover and American Express.

The Oneonta Installment Plan enables payment to be made in three installments each semester, the first payment is due in August for the Fall bill and January for the Spring bill. The fee is $22.50, per semester, and is added to the first payment. This option is available to all students and does not require pre-enrollment: instructions are on the student bill. Available Fall and Spring.

Bills for new and returning undergraduate students are available in myOneonta.

The 2023-24 Excelsior application is now closed. Please check the HESC website or contact the Financial Aid Office for updates.

The Student Accounts office can be reached at 607-436-3389 and staff will gladly answer any questions you may have about your Excelsior Scholarship and payment options.

Your 529 payment can be sent directly to SUNY Oneonta by your plan administrator. You may indicate a pending direct payment on your bill in the "Other" section of the Optional Adjustment Worksheet. Also, please submit documentation of your request for payment when you return your student bill. Electronic payment from your 529 plan administrator is preferred.

Federal School Code: 002847

Campus Code: 00

SUNY Oneonta does not require that your loans be disbursed (paid) to the university by the due date of the initial bill. If you are utilizing a private or "alternative" student loan, you must submit documentation of loan approval by the due date. If you are utilizing a Direct Stafford Student Loan or a Direct Parent Plus Loan, your eligibility must be determined by the Financial Aid Office by the due date. All loans should be disbursed to the school within 30 days of the start of the term. If your loan has not paid by that time, you will be billed.

A Students may waive Alumni Dues ($18.50) which are part of the Comprehensive Student Fee.

If the scholarship award letter from your sponsor is submitted to the Financial Aid Office before July 1st, the fall portion of the scholarship will appear on your bill as a credit in Section D, Financial Aid/Other Credits. If your award letter is not submitted before July 1st, you can submit it along with your paper bill and subtract out the fall portion on the Optional Adjustment Worksheet. We will defer the amount of the scholarship until it is paid by your sponsor (up to 30 days after the start of the semester).

If the check is made out to you, you and the university or just the university, endorse and mail the check and scholarship letter directly to the Student Accounts Office at SUNY Oneonta. The scholarship award will be split between the fall and spring semesters unless otherwise directed by the scholarship letter. The amount of the scholarship will be factored into your Financial Aid Award package.

Non-billed charges are educational costs that are not billed to the student by the university. These costs vary by student and include items such as books and supplies, transportation home during breaks, and personal expenses.

You may add Dragon Dollars, a debit account for on-campus and other purchases, to your bill. Dragon Dollars may be used at and are accessed on the student ID card. You must pay for Dragon Dollars or apply excess financial aid credit (if applicable) to set up your account.

Housing assignments have not been made at the time of billing. All new students are billed at the double rate which is a typical room style assigned to freshmen. Students who are assigned a single room will receive an additional charge on their account.

When eligibility requirements are met, the TEACH grant will be deferred on your bill. If requirements are NOT met by the billing due date you may choose to pay the current amount due for the semester and receive a refund or adjustment when eligibility has been determined, or you may select the Oneonta Installment plan and pay the first installment by the due date and factor the TEACH grant into the second installment.

Approved payments via credit card or e-check will be applied to accounts in real-time.

Online payments are considered late if they are applied after midnight on the due date of the bill. Payments received via mail are considered late if it is postmarked after the due date of the bill. Late payments are subject to late fees and account holds.

Useful Links

FAFSA - fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid online. SUNY Oneonta's federal school code for FAFSA is 002847

HESC - obtain information about your TAP award or Stafford Student Loans.

myOneonta - Clear your bill, make payments and obtain information about your account at SUNY Oneonta. Access on-line student services. (Student PIN required).

Academic Calendar - find out when classes are in session.

GET - add money to your Dragon Dollars or dining account.

Financial Aid - Step by step instructions to apply for financial aid and complete requirements.

NYS Office of State Comptroller - access information about unclaimed funds.

Contact Us - phone numbers, mailing address and general email address.

BankMobile - access your BankMobile account.

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