Paycheck Distribution Policy

1995 to Present
March 4, 2020

Policy Contact
Payroll Office
214 Netzer Administration Building

PLEASE NOTE: The below distribution policy is currently inactive. Since the start of COVID, paychecks and direct deposit stubs have been mailed directly from the Department of Taxation and Finance in Albany, NY to the employee’s legal address. Should you need to update your legal address and/or inquire about the status of a paycheck, please contact the Payroll Office directly at 607-436-2504 and a member of their staff will assist you.


It is the objective of the State University of New York College at Oneonta’s Payroll Office to make known the policies and procedures associated with the distribution of paychecks.


To ensure the receipt and safe-handling of any and all paychecks and direct deposit advices until they are properly distributed.


This policy applies to all Faculty and Staff as well as University departments involved in the distribution of employee paychecks.


Paychecks will be sorted and made available for distribution from the Payroll Office in Netzer 214 by 8:00 a.m. of payday. For departments within the Netzer Building, individuals designated by departments will be responsible for picking up the checks directly from Payroll. Departments external to Netzer will receive their packets one of two ways: if their packets contain live checks, they will be hand-delivered by Mail Services the morning of payday; if their packets contain only direct deposit advices, they will be delivered via intercampus mail.


Not applicable


Individuals designated to receive checks and direct deposit advices on behalf of their departments have the following options for distribution:

Direct Deposit Advices

  • If the employee has direct deposit (indicated by a “D” on the advice), department designees may send the check stub to the staff member’s home address or leave the stub in their mailbox.

Live Paychecks

  • Employees may personally pick up their checks from the department designee by 3 p.m. Employees receiving live checks need to sign (full signature) the paycheck distribution list when they receive their check. A copy of the list with signatures is to be returned to the Payroll office by Friday of pay week, via fax or intercampus mail.
  • At 3 p.m. on payday, unclaimed checks must be returned to the Payroll Office, 214 Netzer, to be held for employee pick up. Under no circumstances should paychecks be kept in departments after 3 p.m. This rule must be adhered to in order to account for and secure all checks that are not picked up on payday. Bring the office copy of the paycheck distribution list and ensure Payroll personnel sign for checks left with them.
  • Faculty and staff may pick up their unclaimed checks at the Payroll office during normal business hours. Photo identification is required when picking up checks.
  • No paychecks are to be mailed home without written permission. If employees wish to have their paychecks mailed, it is preferable that they complete a “Permission to Mail Checks Home” form with the Payroll Office and their check will be mailed prior to departmental distribution. NOTE: If permission slips have been collected within the department as opposed to the Payroll Office, the department has then taken on the responsibility of mailing those checks as well as any and all related mail charges. Under no circumstances may employee paychecks be placed in campus mailboxes for distribution.
  • Checks must be kept secure from the time they are received by the department until properly distributed.


Permission to Mail Checks Home


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