Information for Admitted Students

Computer Requirements


PC-based Computer

  • Operating System: Windows XP/7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.26 (or faster)
  • Memory (RAM): 2 Gb min (4 preferred)
  • Hard Disk Drive: 250 Gb min (500 Gb preferred)
  • CD/DVD: DVD +-RW
  • Backup Drive: USB- same or larger than hard drive

Intel-Based Apple Computer

  • Operating System: OS X 10.6 (or higher)
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.26 (or faster)
  • Memory (RAM): 2 Gb min (4 preferred)
  • Hard Disk Drive: 250 Gb min (500 Gb preferred)
  • CD/DVD: DVD +-RW
  • Backup Drive: USB or FireWire-same or larger than hard drive


  • Headset (USB): Must have a microphone capable of blocking outside noises
  • Scanner (recommended)
  • Printer


  • Antivirus and Firewall Protection Software
  • Web Editor Software (Adobe Dreamweaver or KompoZer)
  • Video Editing Software (Adobe Production Premium or Basic Movie Maker (PC) or Basic iMovie (mac))
  • Screen/Video Capture Software (Adobe Captivate or Jing or CamStudio)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Microsoft Office 2010 for PC or 2011 for Mac

Connectivity Requirements

The program is an online program. Therefore, you will need reliable and fast Internet connectivity in order to fully participate in the courses and activities necessary. It is recommended that you have DSL-type connectivity with at least 1.5 Mbps download and 750 Kbps upload. If you are using a wireless connection card (3G), you may experience difficulties during live chat and video sessions. The majority of the courses meet in the evening if they meet in the form of a live online session. Access to fast Internet is necessary mainly in the evenings.

Setting up Email

How to Set Up an Email Account

  • You should receive a username and password by mail. It is very important to set up your Oneonta email account. **
  • Go to Web Services - You should then be redirected
  • If you are not redirected, click on "Personal/User Account Information" then "Computer Account Maintenance" then "Create/Enable User Account"
  • You will then be able to put in your username and password to set up your account

**If you wish to have emails sent to your Oneonta email forwarded to another email address, this is possible, but you must first create an Oneonta email account.

Forwarding Emails to a Different Email Address

  1. Log into myOneonta
  2. Click on "Office 365 & Email"
  3. Click the "Outlook" app to access your Oneonta email
  4. Click the Gear icon (in the top right corner)
  5. Click on "Mail" (under Your app settings at the bottom)
  6. Click "Forwarding" under Accounts on the left
  7. Select "Start forwarding" and enter your email address

Registering for Courses

  1. Log into myOneonta using your username and password
  2. Click on "Web Services" (on left)
  3. Click on "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  4. Go to "Registration" and click on "Look up Classes"
  5. Select term, choose criteria and search for course in the list
  6. (Graduate level courses will be located near the bottom of the page- 500s/600s)
  7. When you find the course you need, write down the blue "CRN" number (Course Registration Number)
  8. Once you have a registration time from the registrar's office, you can register for classes online by going to the "Add or Drop Classes" link
  9. Put in the CRN numbers for the courses you need and submit
  10. At the bottom of the page, after you have submitted the CRNs, you can click on "Student Detail Schedule" to view your schedule

Questions/Issues: If you have any problems with registration, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at (607) 436-2534 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Blackboard is myOneonta. Links to "Office 365 and Email" and "DegreeWorks" are located in the left-hand column of the main page in myOneonta.

Help is available in many forms at Milne Library. Professional library staff members offer individual research assistance by telephone and email, as well as in person.

Milne Library has incorporated both technology and academic support services in its transformation to a learning commons model. The learning commons provides access to traditional library services, including reference, circulation and interlibrary loans and offers learning support across the disciplines through the Center for Development and Enrichment (CADE) Satellite in a technology-rich environment. Equipped with a high-speed wireless network, the learning commons includes a Technology Center housing general purpose and specialty labs and a range of software applications. Under one roof, students are able to retrieve information, write papers and create presentations in a collaborative environment.

Some professors use the grading function in Blackboard, while others do not. In Blackboard, click on the appropriate course and click on the Tools tab of the page, then select My Grades to view your grades for specific assignments. In myOneonta, click on the midterm and final grades link located in the left hand column on the main page to view your overall grades.

Yes, there is a directory accessible from any page of the SUNY Oneonta website, and also in myOneonta/Blackboard. Type the faculty or staff members' last name into the search bar to access directory information (or search for "directory" for additional options).

Blackboard email allows you to communicate with other students in your courses, the emails get sent to your Oneonta email address. To locate the Blackboard email, click on the appropriate course and go to the Tools tab, from there select Send Email. You can send to All Users, Select Users, Teachers, Groups, etc.

You can locate the syllabus for each course through Blackboard. Click on the appropriate course and go to the Information tab. The syllabus for the course should be located here. Sometimes professors post the course syllabus under the Content tab under Week 1. Check both of these places before contacting your professor.

Click on the appropriate course and go to the Content tab. Most professors set up this tab by Week, while some set it up differently. The weekly coursework will be located under this tab. Some professors will post a document with the schedule for the course as well.

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