Auditions for Theatre Department

All SUNY Oneonta students are encouraged to audition for department productions. Roles are not reserved for theatre majors only. In fact, Theatre Department productions commonly include a cross-section of students pursuing a variety of majors.

Audition Dates

Auditions for Theatre Department and Mask & Hammer club productions are usually held at the same time. Auditions for fall semester productions are held immediately when classes start at the beginning of the year. Auditions for spring semester productions are held later in the fall semester.

Fall 2021 Shows

The Revolutionists
Noises Off
Auditions: August 24-25
Call-backs: August 26

Spring 2022 Shows

LOVE/SICK and Once Upon a Mattress auditions are complete
Melanol will have a 2nd round of auditions on January 27th-28th


To sign-up for an audition time see the instructions below for each show.

Learn more about this season's shows or shows previously produced


Please read all instructions carefully. If you are auditioning for both shows you must schedule separate auditions and fill out the separate forms for each.

Melanol Auditions

Who can audition: Any currently enrolled SUNY Oneonta student

When: January 27th 7pm-9pm, January 28th 5:30-7:30pm

Where: Fine Arts Center 103


  1. Schedule your audition online.
  2. Download, print, and fill out the Melanol Audition Form. Bring your completed form with you to your audition!
  3. Prepare for your audition referring to the materials provided by the Director, Kyora Wallace. See the accompanying links. Please contact the Director if you have any questions.
  4. Come to FA-103 for your audition. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early and check-in with the Stage Manager when you arrive.
  5. Call-back announcements will be made via email.

Melanol Links

Melanol Audition Form (PDF)

Melanol Cast Breakdown (PDF)

Melanol Sides (PDF)

Schedule Your Audition Online
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What to Expect

The specific requirements of each audition are posted above. For most auditions, expect to read from a provided script or present prepared material, such as a short monologue or a short song with sheet music. Calls for acting, movement, and singing may be included as appropriate. Theatre majors and advanced students are encouraged to develop a range of prepared material suitable for auditions.

Directors typically hold call-back auditions to help clarify decisions prior to the final selection of a cast. When casting, many factors are considered beyond talent and appropriateness for a role. Experience, availability, attitude, and a readiness to commit significant time and energy to rehearsal are all important. Students interested in participating in a theatre production should realistically consider their ability to commit to the production while still prioritizing other campus responsibilities.


To participate in auditions you must be a current SUNY Oneonta student. If you are not a student but you have accepted admission to the college and will be a student at the time the rehearsal process begins, you are encouraged to participate in auditions. If you fit these criteria and would like to sign-up for an audition time please contact the department.

Only under very limited circumstances may non-students be cast in shows; non-students may be auditioned or invited to join the cast if the regular audition process does not sufficiently fill the roles available. Occasionally, a guest artist may be cast if there is a significant educational benefit from their participation in the show.

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