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Grow. Thrive. Live. is a historic $25 MILLION CAMPAIGN that will build upon the Oneonta educational experience and achieve unprecedented impact.

For over 130 years, we’ve built our reputation on a consistent, collective investment in our students’ interests, well-being and success. By reaching our campaign goal, we will address the problems and barriers facing today’s students and accelerate our pursuit of helping students and faculty achieve their academic and life goals.

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From its humble beginning in 1889, and throughout every generation since, the spirit of SUNY Oneonta has endured. Even as our campus continues to change, the feelings SUNY Oneonta evokes—warmth, fondness, a sense of belonging and one of discovery—remain the same. Those who've known Oneonta and cherished their time here are our best ambassadors, sharing their experiences and enhancing opportunities for tomorrow's students.


Bill Karins
Twenty-five years ago, SUNY Oneonta alumnus Bill Karins made his first television appearance on the university’s weekly, student-run “Red Dragon News” program. Today, you can see him in action any day of the week by turning the channel to NBC News, MSNBC or NBC News Now, where you’ll find him reporting on the nation’s weather as the chief meteorologist for MSNBC.
Alexandra Szymanski
From the age of 14, Ali Szymanski knew she wanted to become a physical therapist and help people. At SUNY Oneonta, she gained the knowledge she needed to prepare for that dream, and now she’s living it. Meet Alexandra Szymanski, PT, DPT, SUNY Oneonta Class of 2018.
Marcela Micucci Potrtait
I chose to stay local for college because I already had a network of family and friends here and knew I could get a great education. I was also a straight-A student and was able to get quite a few scholarships and aide. My best experiences at SUNY Oneonta were really in the classroom. I loved Dr. April Harper and took all of her classes, and she became so much more of a friend and colleague to me after I graduated and gave me such great advice.
Kimmy Cushman Profile
The course of Yale University Ph.D. student and graduate researcher Kimmy Cushman’s life changed dramatically on an autumn day inside SUNY Oneonta’s Science Discovery Center.
Martin Perina
SUNY Oneonta and the business major absolutely helped to get me where I am now. Not just the classes, the classes, of course, are important, but also the networking. You meet a lot of people, and networking, I would say, is one of the most important things when people want to do business. If I hadn’t been here, I wouldn’t be expanding the company to New York at first, but this is such a great location and there’s so much opportunity here.
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