Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Health Professions
Pre-Health Professions
Pre-Health Professions
Pre-Health Professions

SUNY Oneonta's Pre-Health Professions Office provides specialized guidance and support for students preparing to apply to Health Professional Schools while pursuing a career in the health care industry.

Focused support is available for the following areas, though students are welcome to reach out for assistance for pursuing other Health Professions Career Areas:

Undergraduate Educational Pathways for Health Professional School

Academic preparation for Health Professional School should include a strong background in the natural sciences with complementary coursework in the social sciences and humanities.

Students should familiarize themselves with the prerequisite course requirements within their intended health care discipline and the expectations of the schools to which they intend to apply.


While a student may choose any undergraduate major, the following courses, which are minimum requirements for admission to most healthcare professions schools, should be included:

  • one course each of English (composition and literature)
  • one to three courses in Psychology (including developmental)
  • one to six semesters of Chemistry (inorganic, organic, biochemistry)
  • one to two courses in General Physics
  • one to three courses in Mathematics (including statistics and pre-calculus)
  • two to six courses in Biology (including labs)

Additional courses in Psychology, Sociology, Ethics, and Literature are recommended for students desiring a breadth of academic preparation for a career in healthcare and as foundational components for preparation for the MCAT Entrance Exam for Medical School.

Majors and Minors at SUNY Oneonta

SUNY Oneonta offers over 40 majors and minors that provide robust and unique combinations of academic preparation for the journey into Healthcare. Ultimately, students interested in a Career in Healthcare should complete a major that provides the academic background desired to complement the prerequisite coursework for their intended healthcare discipline.

The following undergraduate major programs provide students with strong and complementary coursework across the sciences and social sciences while providing opportunities for elective coursework which strengthens academic background in preparation for Health Professional School and a Career in Healthcare:

Because the number of qualified applicants to healthcare professions school greatly exceeds the number of openings, satisfactory completion of the prerequisite courses does not guarantee acceptance by any health professional school. Educational Programs in the healthcare professions are seeking the student who has a long record of consistently high-level performance, a deep understanding of their future role in the healthcare field obtained through volunteer or employment experience, and who exceeds in meeting core competencies for health care providers as evidenced in letters of evaluation from academic and professional references.

Students are encouraged to consider nationwide and global healthcare professional school opportunities and highly qualified students have the opportunity to apply to regional Health Professional Schools under specialized Articulation Agreements with our Partner Institutions.

Partnership Opportunities for Health Professional School

SUNY Oneonta provides highly qualified students the opportunity to apply to regional Health Professional Schools under specialized articulation agreements. Application to these partnership programs is highly competitive and NOT guaranteed. Additional information, including qualifying criteria, for the following opportunities can be found on our Health Professional School Articulation page:

  • 4+4 Early Assurance Program at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
  • One-Hart Nursing Collaboration with Hartwick College (accelerated BSN)
  • Early Assurance Program at Utica University Nursing Program (accelerated BSN)
  • 4+2 Preferred Acceptance at Russell Sage College (MSOT or DOT)
  • 3+4 Joint Degree Program with SUNY College of Optometry (OD)
  • 3+3 Early Assurance Program at Upstate Medical University (DPT)
  • 4+3 Preferred Acceptance at Russell Sage College (DPT)
  • Early Assurance Program at Albany Medical College Center for Physician Assistant Studies (MS)

Health Care Experience

Students should seek part-time or per diem employment or volunteer opportunities at health care facilities and animal care facilities. The expected type of Health Care Experience varies depending on the intended area of healthcare being pursued and the expected amount of time in healthcare required by the health care professional schools. In all instances, students should seek Direct Patient Care that provides a depth and breadth of understanding within their intended future role in the health care industry.

For more information about available health care / animal care employment or volunteer opportunities, visit the Human Resources Webpages or reach out to the Employment Opportunities Offices at facilities in the location where you are interested in gaining experience.

Schedule a meeting with Pre-Health Professions

The staff of the Pre-Health Professions Office are members of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) and both current students and Alumni are eligible for guidance and support through our office:

Current students can schedule a meeting via Bookings

Alumni should email the Pre-Health Professions Office for assistance


Tami LaPilusa, M.S.

Tami LaPilusa, M.S.
Program Director & Advisor
Pre-Health Professions
101 Physical Science Building
(607) 436-3237

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