Professional Writing Minor - PWRT

The Professional Writing minor is designed for those students who wish to supplement their major academic work (either in English or in other disciplines) with a variety of workplace writing courses. The minor helps prepare students for writing in business, governmental or non-profit, legal, scientific or technical contexts, as well as for careers in publishing or editing. Students planning to complete the requirements for this minor must make all arrangements with the English Department, 322 Netzer, 607.436.3446.
(Pre-Fall 2018 course numbers in parentheses)

Core Courses 9 s.h.

  • COMP 150 Intro to Creative Writing OR COMP 200
  • COMP 239 Professional and Technical Writing
  • LING 215 Introduction to Editing and Publishing

Elective Courses 9 s.h.

Choose three (3) of the following courses. At least one (1) of the three electives must have a COMP designator.

  • COMP 211 Writing About Nature and the Environment
  • COMP 275 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop
  • COMP 310 Screenwriting Workshop
  • COMP 315 Early Literary Criticism
  • COMP 394 Special Topics in Composition
  • COMP 399 Independent Study in Composition
  • COMP 397 Internship, by Advisement only
  • LING 210 Traditional Grammar: English
  • LING 201 Language and Society OR LING 322 Varieties of American English
  • LING 320 History of the English Language
  • BUS 240 Writing for Business and the Professions
  • ENVS 320 Technical Science Writing
  • MCOM 210 Writing for the Newspaper
  • MCOM 152 Media Writing (MCOM 252 Writing for Radio, Television, and Film)

TOTAL 18 s.h.


1. College rules pertaining to curriculum majors also apply to curriculum minors

  • Minor GPA of at least 2.0
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade unless offered Pass/Fail only
  • One-half (1/2) of the minor coursework must be completed in residence
  • No more than two courses may overlap between/among all majors/minors; any excess requires additional coursework

2. Check proper course selection, sequence and prerequisite requirements with the department of the minor

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