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INCOME FUND REIMBURSABLE (IFR): A self‐supported special revenue fund supported either fully or primarily by campus generated income.

SUNY policy provides for the establishment of Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) accounts to be managed within a Special Revenue Fund on each campus. IFR's are self-supporting accounts that support activities related to campus missions. These types of accounts have clear and defined income/expenditure relationships - expenditures in IFR accounts must be directly related to the purposes for which income was collected.

Cash versus Allocation: Allocation is the authorized spending amount for an account. Allocations are estimated based on historical trends in net revenues. Account managers can request additional allocation in these accounts if it is supported by the available cash balance, contact Budget Office (Kathleen Feit). The cash balance in most IFR accounts has the ability to carry forward year over year; whereas allocations will reset each year.

Fringe Rates: Fringe benefits include retirement plans, social security, health insurance, dental insurance, worker's compensation, survivor's benefits, unemployment insurance and the State's contribution to the Employee Benefit Funds pursuant to agreements with the various bargaining units. The assessment is made against all personnel charges, except student payroll and honoraria that are paid from OTPS, regardless of whether the individual receives the University's entire fringe benefit package.

Overhead Assessments: The overhead assessment is applied on revenue received to recover the indirect costs associated with operating the IFR programs; on-going administrative and maintenance costs. The overhead is assessed monthly, at the beginning of the month for the previous month's revenue received.

FY23/24 IFR Overhead Rates

Current IFR Overhead

Rate on Revenue

Approximate Rate on Cost 1




Maintenance & Operations



1 IFR Overheads are assessed on IFR revenue. The "Approximate Rate on Cost" is provided only as a tool to help determine ESTIMATED overhead and total (gross) revenue required to cover both the costs and overhead in an IFR account.

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