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In honor of National Video Games Day, observed annually on Sept. 12, the SUNY Oneonta social media team has created a retro video game for desktop or laptop.

Help Red get across campus and through all four seasons while collecting points and avoiding hazardous obstacles. You'll start at the Welcome Center and make your way through the pillars and onto a video game version of the SUNY Oneonta campus.

Not available on mobile

  • Browsers supported:
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari

How to Play

Try to make your way over and around obstacles on the SUNY Oneonta campus while collecting items to score points. Watch out for obstacles that can hurt you and subtract a life; you only have 9!

Heart Sprite

You can earn more lives by locating the hidden hearts for extra health.

Watch out for squirrels! They take away 20 points from your score.

At the end you'll pass through the pillars, but don't go too fast or you'll miss the surprise.

Finally, make your way to the Dragon's Lair to win the game! 

Keyboard Controls

Keyboard Controls

Arrow Right = Forward

Arrow Left = Backward

Arrow Up = Jump Up

*Tip 1: Red can fly by tapping arrow up multiple times and arrow right or left to change direction.

*Tip 2: There is a 1,000,000 point object hidden somewhere.


Salad sprite

 Salad = 25 Points

Chef Donnas Cookies

Chef Donna's Cookies = 20 Points

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee = 15 Points


Apples = 25 Points

Cold Cheese Pizza

Cold Cheese Pizza = 15 Points

water bottle sprite

Recycling Bottles & Cans = 15 Points




Ice Spikes

Icicle Spikes


Lighting Bolts

man hole
Man Hole

Construction Holes

squirrel sprite


Only Available on Desktop or Laptop

Please allow a few minutes for the game to load. If the game does not load, we recommend you try another browser.
Once loaded, click the play area with your mouse. Then use your keyboard arrow keys.

Screen Scenes
Starting the game
water obstacle
Fall on the dock at the Hunt Union
Winter Obstacles on Campus
Spring onto the Diversity Pillars and smell the flowers
Construction Season on Campus
Spring into Summer Thunder Showers
Walking to the final Pillars
Pass Through the Pillars
Winner Replay Screen

Full Level View

Full Level View

Visit the Dragon’s Lair 

The Dragon’s Lair is a free gaming service for SUNY Oneonta students, sponsored by the Student Association and Hunt College Union. The Lair was founded in 2009 by a group of students affectionately titled, "The Vanguard".

Enter the Lair


Thanks for playing!

SUNY Oneonta Logo in Atari and Nintendo font
Red Running and SUNY Oneonta SEGA Logo
Playstation and Super Nintendo Logo

Created by John Bugyi '03, a member of the Communication and Marketing team at SUNY Oneonta. 

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