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The School of Economics and Business offices will be maintaining a low density hours of operation during the spring 2021 semester.  This includes the School of Economics and Business, the Department of Economics, Finance & Accounting and the Department of Management, Marketing & Information Systems offices.  The Administrative Assistants will be available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. 

Schedule of offices open:

School of Economics and Business office, Netzer 226 -  open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 

Economics, Finance and Accounting office, Netzer 225 -  open Tuesday and Friday 

Management, Marketing and Information Systems, Netzer 324 - this office will be closed during the spring semester.  Please see one of the Administrative Assistants in the other offices for assistance.


Elizabeth E. Dunn, Ph.D.
Interim Dean 
School of Economics and Business
226 Netzer
Phone: (607) 436-3458
Fax: (607) 436-2543

Administrative Assistant 2: Kelly Spettel -


Academic Department Chairs

Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dona Siregar, Ph.D
225 Netzer Administration Building
Phone: (607) 436-3251

Administrative Assistant 1: Jesse Holland -

Management, Marketing and Information Systems
Izabella Lokshina, Ph.D.  
324 Netzer Administration Building
Phone: (607) 436-3151

Administrative Assistant 1: Vacant - please contact Jesse Holland or Kelly Spettel

Coordinators of Academic Advisement
and Cooperative Programs:

Ms. Maggie Morrison
331 Netzer Administration Building

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Coordinator of Internships and Career Development
Charlene Foley-Deno 
222 Netzer Administration Building
Phone (607) 436-3153

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