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University Senate membership is defined in the SUNY Oneonta Bylaws (see full bylaws here)

Article VIII: The University Senate

§2. Membership
a. Faculty. The Faculty shall have one representative for each five and any remaining major fraction of five full-time members of each of the University departments and professional programs but not less than one representative and one alternate for each department or program. The Library Faculty, as part of the Teaching Faculty, shall select two voting representatives from their membership and be reported in the same manner as above.

    1. Chairs of academic departments and directors of represented professional programs shall present to the chair of the University Senate before the first University Senate meeting of the academic year a roster of all full-time Faculty members in the department or program.
    2. The roster shall indicate the department/program representatives to the University Senate and alternates, and it shall be the basis for determining the number of representatives to which the department/program is entitled.
  1. The President of the University and President of the Student Association shall be ex officio voting members of the University Senate.
  2. Student. The student body shall have a student representation equal to 11 percent of the faculty membership in the Senate and at least one alternate.
  3. Part-time Faculty. The faculty shall elect two part-time faculty representatives. These will be “teaching only” representatives who have no other full time position on campus. They will be at-large representatives and may come from any department.
  4. Other members of the University community shall be invited to attend meetings of the Faculty Senate and may request to speak on issues being discussed, but shall not be entitled to vote
  5. All elected representatives shall serve one-year terms that begin on September 1 and end on August 31.
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