Shared Governance Resources

Introduction to Shared Governance

For a brief introduction to shared governance within the SUNY system and at SUNY Oneonta, including some comments on key documents and some highlights of Roberts Rules, you can watch this video of a presentation given on September 29, 2021 (Direct link to video):

You can also download the slideshow as a PowerPoint file. Senators may also wish to view a Robert's Rules "cheat sheet" for a brief overview and reference on Senate processes and terminology.

SUNY Oneonta University Senate Team

The University Senate uses the Team “SUNY Oneonta University Senate” in Microsoft Teams to maintain a virtual presence, including holding virtual meetings when necessary, and also serving as a front-end for related files stored in Sharepoint. This Team is intended for all members of the campus community to have access to virtual meetings and related files, not only Senators. If you would like to be a member of the Team, please reach out to the Presiding Officer to be added.

Documents, Forms, or Templates

SUNY University Faculty Senate Resources

Faculty Governance Handbook

The Governance Handbook created by the Governance Committee of the UFS serves as a wide-ranging resource for all those interested in learning more about shared governance at their institution and SUNY-wide. In addition to over 40 pages of introduction and details on roles, responsibilities, and processes in shared governance within the SUNY system, it also contains over 50 pages of appendices gathering relevant and informative documents.

Additional Resources

The SUNY UFS Governance Documents page hosts a variety of useful documents for campus governance, as well as the UFS Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Guidelines. Among these documents are a Parliamentarian Resource Guide as well as a few other resources for navigating shared governance.

Other Groups & Shared Governance

AAUP Shared Governance Resources

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) maintains a web page devoted to shared governance. Some key resources available are:

Association of Governing Boards

The Association of Governing Boards maintains a page on shared governance, including a 2017 statement on shared governance.

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