University Faculty Senate

The University Faculty Senate consists of the Chancellor of the University and two representatives from each state-operated and contract college (33 colleges total), making the UFS one of the largest faculty governance organizations in the country.

The USF serves as a resource on governance for the University and a deliberative body on educational policies for the SUNY System. In this capacity, it issues publications such as handbooks, directories and reports on matters such as budget, program revision and presidential searches. The SUNY UFS web site is designed to be a repository for documents and information produced by the University Faculty Senate. You may also find information at the archival UFS site at

University Faculty Senator: Carolyn Chryst (Educational Psychology, Counseling + Special Education)

Alternate University Faculty Senator: Janet Nepkie (Music)

Chancellor of the State University of New York: John B. King

Full resolution information at, and summaries extracted from, the UFS Approved Resolutions page.

  • 190-01-1 Advancement of Historically Underrepresented Faculty: To raise awareness of, and make recommendations for, specific inequities in hiring, mentoring, and evaluating historically underrepresented faculty.
  • 190-02-1 Successful Implementation of the SUNY General Education Category, 'Diversity: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice': To ensure appropriate support and professional development is available for instructors who will be teaching courses in this category as well as to ensure that institutions that need to hire faculty to do so will be able to.
  • Please note: The UFS also endorsed the FCCC Statement entitled, "SUNY Chancellor and Executive Leadership Searches."
  • 189-01-1 Proposal to Amend UFS Standing Rules: To formally authorize virtual plenary meetings while identifying in-person as our typical modality and specifying how to keep our amended Standing Rules in accordance with the “all face-to-face” language in Bylaws VII.1(a).
  • 189-02-1 Executive Budget Resolution: To influence development of Governor Hochul’s Executive Budget so that New York State becomes “a national leader in sustainably and equitably supporting and advancing SUNY and CUNY’s core academic missions.”
  • 189-03-1 Telecommuting Policy: To urge Chancellor Malatras and the unions to work with GOER to extend and make permanent SUNY’s telecommuting policy, with an emphasis on flexibility and productivity, while drawing on stakeholder input.
  • 189-04-1 Contact Hours in Applied Learning: To urge Chancellor Malatras to make SUNY’s 1976 policy on applied learning contact hours congruent with current New York State regulations.
  • 189-05-1 In Support of AAUP Joint Statement: To reiterate SUNY UFS's commitment to education about racism and American history, to make SUNY UFS a signatory of the "AAUP Joint Statement on Legislative Efforts to Restrict Education about Racism and American History,” to urge campus governance bodies to endorse the AAUP Joint Statement, and to encourage all members and leaders of SUNY governance bodies to "educate their communities on the dangers of such described legislation and the importance of racial equity and academic freedom."
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