Campus Resources - Academic Advisement & Student Progress

Guide to Campus Resources
Resource Services Provided
Academic Advisement
100 Netzer 607-436-3390
  • helps with choosing courses, majors, careers
  • processes changes of major, advisor and concentration
  • oversees DegreeWorks
  • shares information regarding what is needed to graduate, to remain as a student at Oneonta, etc.
  • assists you with choosing summer classes here or elsewhere, and gives final approval for these courses
  • oversees the ATM program and Veterans’ benefits
  • assists students with leave of absence
  • processes course substitutions, waivers, and re-evaluations
  • helps students plan schedules that are financial aid applicable (DAC)
Accessibility Resources
133 Milne Library 607-436-2137
  • assists students with disabilities in receiving appropriate accommodations and support
  • provides assistance with testing for students not already classified (a fee is involved for testing)
Affirmative Action and Title IX
135C Netzer 607-436-2835
  • provides private consultation and assistance for students who have experienced unwanted discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, and/or stalking
Athletics Department
312 Alumni Field House 607-436-3494
  • oversees the operation of 3 fitness centers and all outdoor facilities
  • oversees 21 NCAA Division III varsity sports—come support a team and contact a coach if interested
Career Development
Experiential Learning Center, Suite 128
Hunt Student Union 607-436-2534
  • helps with career decisions, job searches, resume writing, interview skills, internship information, etc.
  • posts on and off-campus part-time and full-time jobs
  • monitors work study

Center for Social Responsibility

127 Hunt Union 607-436-2262

  • establishes service-learning connections
  • provides opportunities for volunteer experiences
  • maintains a service record of all your volunteer activities

Community Standards

119 Netzer 607-436-3353

  • oversees university conduct process via the Code of Student Conduct
  • center for student conflict resolution
  • assist, and advocate for, off-campus students
  • provides programs for conflict resolution, community building, ethics, etc

Financial Aid

123 Netzer 607-436-2532

  • assists students with loans and other forms of aid to help with tuition payment

Health Educator

110 Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center 607-436-3540

  • help you research health-related information for personal or classroom use
  • support your club if you are doing a health awareness related project
Information Technology Services (IT)
Milne Library Basement
  • provides technology support and consultation for hardware and software
  • provides assistance with e-mail, user accounts, and network connectivity
  • oversees large computer lab with designated areas for group study and presentation rehearsal
  • provides printing assistance (including print quota management)
  • provides phone, cable TV, and wired data service to on-campus students
  • provides WI-Fl and internet service
  • offers self-service support.
300 Chase
  • coordinates free and fun group physical activities
  • offers 21 team leagues: basketball, volleyball, softball, aerobic classes ... and much more
  • Website:
Milne Library
  • supports faculty/student research needs through class instructions and individual consultation services
  • provides computers, internet access, and printing in a wireless environment
  • provides an extensive collection of print. electronic, and microform resources for research
  • provides group study rooms and comfortable spaces for studying and relaxing
Multicultural Student Initiatives
135A Netzer
  • offers diversity education through training and information sessions
  • oversees the OEI Peer Mentor Program
  • serves all students as portal for information related to diversity
  • sponsors intergroup and identity dialogue sessions
Global Education
128 Hunt Union Bldg.
  • provides information about study abroad programs
  • provides advisement to international students
Office of Student Experience
101 Wilsbach Hall
  • creates and coordinates all orientation programs and activities
  • supports new students' transition by obtaining information and providing assistance
  • sponsors new student Success Series
  • collaborates with faculty on First Year Seminar
Registrar's Office
130 Netzer 607-436-2531
  • oversees registration and add/drop
  • processes interim and final grades
  • provides transcripts upon request
  • provides enrollment verification
  • updates student contact information
  • verifies degree requirements and awards degrees
Residential Experience and Housing
106 Wilsbach Hall
  • manages housing and occupancy issues
  • mediates roommate issues
  • oversees hall maintenance issues
  • oversees RA and Night Host program
  • builds educational life skills through programming
Student Accounts
240 Netzer 607-436-3389
  • issues semester bills and assists student and families with billing questions
  • collects personal payments and financial aid payments including grants, loans, and scholarships
  • issues student refund checks
  • certifies TAP grant eligibility
Student Affairs
119 Netzer 607-436-2513
  • assists students with non-academic leave of absence and withdrawal from university processes
  • meets with any student who has issues related to social conditions on campus
  • reviews cases for late course withdrawal
  • connects students to appropriate resources
Student Health and Wellness Center
Counseling, Health and Wellness Center
  • The Counseling Center provides free and confidential services for students struggling with any personal issues (depression, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, excessive alcohol/ drug use, death in the family, etc.) Call for an appointment at (607) 436-3368
  • The Health Center provides general medical care or referrals to specialists as needed. To schedule an appointment call (607) 436-3573 or go online and visit the Health and Wellness Center website
Student Learning Center
2nd Floor, Milne Library
  • hosts the Learning Center and Writing Center
  • provides peer tutoring for most 100-level and some 200-level courses
  • offers professional tutoring in math, writing, reading, and study skills
  • offers study skills course PROF 120 and mini-courses PROF 112,113, and 114 available
  • offers limited walk-in services
Student Life and Leadership
Hunt Union
  • Student Association, SA (Clubs and Organizations)—Room 9; 607-436-2440
  • Activities Council (AC)— Room 220B; 607-436-3012
  • Inter-Greek Council (Recognized Fraternities and Sororities)— Room 220D; 607-436-3591
  • LEAD@Oneonta—Room 220B;
  • Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (GSRQ—Room 219; 607-436-2190
  • Event Information and tickets—Room 123; 607-436-3730

University Police
Alumni Hall


  • acts as primary law enforcement agency for the campus
  • maintains a safe campus—responds to all emergencies, accidents, law violations
  • provides educational programming for the campus community
  • issues all parking decals
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