Educational Psychology Minor

This minor is open to all undergraduate students and it consists of 18 s.h. Each student is free to select 12 s.h. in course work depending on the student’s particular interest, career, or professional goals. This minor serves as a preparation for various graduate school programs in Human Development – Instructional Psychology, Research Design/Statistics – Counseling, or Special Education. Interested students are requested to contact the Educational Psychology Department, Fitzelle 374, 607.436.3554.



1. University rules pertaining to curriculum majors also apply to curriculum minors

  • Minor GPA of at least 2.0
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade unless offered Pass/Fail only
  • One-half (1/2) of the minor coursework must be completed in residence
  • No more than two courses may overlap between/among all majors/minors; any excess requires additional coursework

2. Check proper course selection, sequence and prerequisite requirements with the department of the minor

Core Courses 12 s.h.

  • EPSY 229 Survey of Exceptional Children
  • EPSY 275 Psychological Foundations of Education: Learning and Motivation
  • EPSY 280 Assessment
  • EPSY 310 Classroom Behavior Management

    Choose ONE of the following: 3 s.h.
  • EPSY 240 Child Growth and Development -or- EPSY 250 Adolescent Growth and Development

Selections: 3 s.h.

*Select any EPSY course not taken to fulfill the previous requirement or a course from a related field approved by the Educational Psychology Department Chair

TOTAL 18 s.h.

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