Choosing A Major

Not all careers require a specific major. First, pick the career that you want. Then, look at what majors fit best and that you can do well in academically.

Michael Jordan (Basketball player) was a Geography major
Lisa Kudrow (Actress) was a Biology major.
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Film Star, California's Governor & former Mr. Universe) was a Business major.

10 Things You Can Do NOW If You’re Still Undecided About Your Major

  1. Spend some time thinking about and exploring your interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Make lists for yourself.
  2. Take a career inventory, such as Focus 2 or the Holland Self-Directed Search, to help you explore your interests, abilities, values, and experiences in greater depth. Contact for details.
  3. Think about the classes you’ve liked and disliked, and ask yourself, “Why?”
  4. Think about jobs you’ve liked and disliked, and ask yourself, “Why?”
  5. Find out more about different majors and their required classes. Take classes in potential areas of interest.
  6. Talk to professors, your advisor, etc. about areas of interest.
  7. Try to find part-time jobs, internships, and/or volunteer experiences in areas of interest. Trying a job is the best way to see if it fits!
  8. Locate professionals who work in careers you’re interested in learning more about and talk to them about what they do. For more information about informational interviewing, contact the Career Development Center.
  9. Keep a record of all of your findings, so that you can have information pertinent to career decisions readily available.

When making career decisions, remember:

  • Decision-making is a process; it takes time and thought. Your career goals will change and evolve throughout your life.
  • It is perfectly normal to be undecided and/ or to change your mind when making decisions about your career and major.
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