Letters Of Recommendation

The CDC encourages students who need letters of recommendation to use the dossier service available through interfolio.com. lnterfolio is the premier on-line dossier management service and can store any materials you may need for your applications, including confidential letters of recommendation.

Creating an Interfolio account will allow you to receive the many benefits of their services such as:

  • Storing an unlimited amount of materials. As an Interfolio user, you can manage and store unlimited amounts of both confidential and non-confidential material including transcripts, letters of recommendation, writing samples and test scores. If some of these materials are stored on SUNY Oneonta Career Development Center’s Dragon Link system, they can be uploaded into your account.
  • Managing confidential letters of recommendation. You can request confidential letters through your Interfolio account. This gives your writers the ability to electronically upload or mail their letters directly to Interfolio. Writers only have to upload one letter that can be sent to multiple destinations. Although you will not have direct access to the letters, you have complete control over when and where they are sent.
  • Using easy application processes. As an Interfolio user, you have complete control over your applications! Once a file is in your account, you can send it electronically or via hard copy.
  • Have a service that is safe, secure and reliable. The privacy and security of your information is Interfolio’s highest priority. Robust technological safeguards, including multiple levels of encryption, keep your stored documents protected, secure, and private. A rigorous quality control process ensures the accuracy of all documents, and mailings, and digital backups are stored at a secure, off-site location to further protect your important documents.

To create your Interfolio Account, please visit Interfolio.com or call their help desk at (877) 997-8807 with any questions.

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