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Experiential Learning Center
Experiential Learning Center

The Center, by providing a wide variety of opportunities for SUNY Oneonta students, faculty and staff to work together on projects such as Freshman Service Day, Annual Conference on Volunteerism, and Into the Streets, helps to support the development of a stronger sense of community on the campus.

Additionally, SUNY Oneonta is directed to "strengthen the quality of our academic programs in order to improve the quality of educational experience offered to our students". Through service-learning, faculty are helping students make the connection between classroom learning and the world of work in ways that enhance what students gain from the in-class experience. A growing number of faculty are incorporating service-learning as a key component to their course curricula. Service-learning is another program that complements the mission of the Center and SUNY Oneonta. This program develops and enhances partnerships for interested faculty and collaborating agencies and schools to identify community needs and develop service-learning projects.

Service Awards

By obtaining volunteer hours through the CSRC, students may receive service awards to wear at graduation:

  • 350 service hours ~ Pin
  • 500 service hours ~ Honors Cord
  • 750 service hours ~ Medallion

Community Service Benefits

For Students

  • Learn about broader community issues
  • Interact with diverse cultures and lifestyles
  • Gain valuable career experience
  • Explore values and ethical issues
  • Increase relevance for academic skills
  • Receive scholarships for voluntary service
  • Have fun!

For Faculty

  • Positive relationships with community members
  • Enrichments and applications for curriculum
  • Students more engaged in learning
  • Support SUNY Oneonta's mission of citizenship and public service

For Agencies

  • Access to SUNY Oneonta resources
  • Positive relationships with SUNY Oneonta staff, faculty and students
  • Access to significant pool of volunteers
  • Agency Job Description Form


The President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
Carnegie Foundation Elective Community Engagement Classification
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