Dialing Instructions

Business Calls
Type of Call Dial
On-Campus Call four-digit extension number
Campus Operator 0
AT&T Operator 9 + 0
Local Calls 9 + seven-digit number
Long Distance Calls in 607 Area 9 + 1 + 607 + seven-digit number
Long Distance Calls to Other Areas 9 + 1 + area code + seven-digit number
Collect Calls 9 + 0
International Calls 9 + 011 + country code + number
Toll-Free Calls ("800" numbers) 9 + 1 + 800 + seven-digit number
Credit Card Calls 9 + 0

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to have your calls forwarded to a different campus location.

To activate Call Forwarding:

  1. lift the handset
  2. dial #1
  3. wait for the dial tone
  4. dial the 4 digit extension number to which the calls should be forwarded and hang up

To de-activate Call Forwarding:

  1. lift the handset
  2. dial #1
  3. wait for the dial tone
  4. hang up

Policy Regarding Personal Use Of College Telephones

Telephones are provided by the campus and the State of New York for professional use in order to accomplish our work. As such, inappropriate and unreasonable usage of the telephone for personal business is discouraged. All calls do incur some cost to the College and therefore it is expected that faculty and staff will use discretion and judgment when making or receiving personal calls. Long distance toll calls of a personal nature may only be made when charged to a personal credit card or using an authorization code assigned by the Telecommunications Office. No personal toll calls may be made and charged to the college. In addition, while we understand that there are times when personal calls must be made during business hours due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances, we encourage such business to be transacted before or after business hours if at all possible.

As part of the billing system, the College maintains a record of time, destination, duration and cost of all off campus calls. While the primary purpose of these records is for billing, the records may be accessed by supervisors to check for overt or obvious abuse of the telephone.

Our college policy is consistent with general New York State policy which reads: "State-furnished telephone equipment and services shall be used for State business. Prudent use of telephones for essential local personal calls is permitted, but such calls should be limited in number and restricted to brief messages rather than conversations and, in all circumstances, are subject to operational needs."

If you have any questions about the college policy or would like to request a personal authorization code which can be used to make long distance calls from campus telephones, please contact the Telecommunications Office at x2577.

Conference Call Service

IT Services offers a telephone conference hosting service. This enables your department to schedule a conference bridge that participants can dial into from anywhere. It can save time and travel and allow you to collaborate more easily with your peers at other locations. To reserve a conference bridge, contact us at telecomm@oneonta.edu with the date, time and anticipated duration of your conference call and we will send you directions for setting up the call as well as directions for participants to call in. The service can even accommodate most international callers. Charges for the service will be added to your department’s telephone bill at about $0.02 a minute per participant. Contact us if you have questions about this service!

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