Roommates share the phone number and voicemail service in each residence hall bedroom.

Broken Dial tone

Instead of hearing regular dial-tone when you pick up your handset, the phone system will break the tone, which is referred to as "broken dial tone", when you have new voicemail messages. Don't mistake this for a busy signal!

To Access Voicemail

Dial x2222 (607-436-2222)


The default password is 1234 and you will be prompted to change it the first time you log in. If you've forgotten your password, contact the ITS Service Desk to request a reset.

Record a Greeting

To record a greeting, dial voicemail and log in to your mailbox. Press 7 (Mailbox Option) and then 1 (Record a personal greeting). You can also record your name by selecting 6 from the Mailbox Option menu.

Forwarding Voicemail to Email

Contact the IT Service Desk at x4567 and submit a request to have this feature enabled. Your voicemail messages will be forwarded as an attached .wav file that can be played on most devices.

More Info!

Download a printable quick reference guide.

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