Geology Major Wins Two Research Grants


Lyndsay Farrar

SUNY Oneonta geology major Lyndsay Farrar is doing research at the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) in Ithaca, NY, this summer after receiving two competitive student research grants.

Farrar, a senior from East Greenbush, NY, received the John W. Wells Grant, awarded by PRI, and the Allison R. "Pete" Palmer Award, awarded by the Paleontological Society. Both grants were awarded through national competitions.

Farrar’s research focuses on the change in abundance and body size of trilobite fossils along a water depth gradient. She will spend three weeks measuring the trilobite collections donated by Dr. John Cisne, which are currently located at PRI, and organizing the samples for the museum.

“My favorite part about research is when the ideas finally come together and everything that you have been learning begins to make sense,” she said.

Farrar began her research on May 16 and will remain at PRI until June 3. She hopes to present her research at the national Geological Society of America conference this September in Denver, CO.

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