Ukrainian Delegation Visits to Explore Partnership

President Morris talks to a representative from Ukraine, with the American and Ukrainian flags in the foreground

SUNY Oneonta hosted representatives from the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in Kiev, Ukraine, from April 22-27 to advance a proposed academic partnership between the two institutions.

The Ukrainian delegation included Senior Vice President for Science and Research Dr. Grygoriy Torbin and two professors from the fields of education, Dr. Tetiana Matusevych of Women’s Studies and Dr. Oleksii Tymoshenko of Physical Education and Sports Science. During their stay in Oneonta, the guests met with faculty members, administrators and department chairs and signed a memorandum of agreement furthering the exploration of joint education programs. A reception in Morris Hall gave others in the campus community an opportunity to meet the representatives and chat about collaboration.

Discussion of partnership with NPD University began nine months ago, with guidance from SUNY Oneonta faculty member Michael Kalinski, Department of Health and Fitness chair. NPD University is seeking SUNY Oneonta’s help in a challenging education transition effort, since Ukraine is in the process of transitioning from a Soviet-communist philosophy of education to a Western one. NPD University, which has an enrollment of 16,000 students, has the largest teacher education program in the country.

Dr. Vernon Larson, of SUNY Oneonta’s Office of Global Engagement, said the partnership is an exciting opportunity for the college.

“In this global world, we should always seek to broaden the perspectives of our faculty and students,” Larson said. “This initiative will hopefully lead to meaningful faculty-led trips and study abroad opportunities for our campus community members.”

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