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SUNY Oneonta’s campus is anything but quiet this summer, with 40 students engaged in research projects covering a wide array of disciplines, from anthropology to sport sciences. With the help of 16 faculty members, students from 15 different majors are getting hands-on experience, working in the lab, mentoring local children and more as part of their research. They will present their findings during a special showcase Sept. 8-15 in Hunt Union.
As a staff scientist working at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, Class of 2017 alumnus Mike Engesser was an integral part of the impressive team behind the James Webb Space Telescope.
More than a dozen Oneonta-area students in Grades 7-9 spent a week learning about stars, planets, solar systems and galaxies during the annual Go STEM Institute on the SUNY Oneonta campus. Themed “A Journey Through The Cosmos!,” the July 18-22 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) summer enrichment program featured a variety of hands-activities -- including learning to use telescopes that the students got to keep.
Six students in Dr. Jeff Heilveil's BIOL 285: NY Stream Biota: Identification and Ecology class spent two weeks of their summer break wading in local streams and rivers and getting up close and personal with insects of the region.
After two years of canceled flights and postponed itineraries, SUNY Oneonta students are once again able to travel internationally and take part in life-changing study abroad programs across the world. More than 20 students are studying abroad this summer, with more set to leave in the fall.
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