General Education Assessment Process

The College is required by SUNY System Administration and the Middle States Association to assess student learning in the College's General Education program on an ongoing basis.

For most GE attributes, general education assessment is conducted in the fall semester, with courses randomly selected for participation by the Office of Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness (OIAE). Enough course sections are selected to assure that at least 20% of students enrolled in an attribute area take part in the assessment. OIAE notifies faculty teaching the selected courses and provides them with all required materials.

Faculty report the results of their assessment of student learning on the form relevant for that attribute and the SUNY Trustees' articulated student learning outcomes. Faculty are provided with the form to be used.

The deadline for returning the completed form to the OIAE is no later than two weeks after the final examination. Faculty also provide their department chair with a copy of their completed reporting form.

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