Quad Style Halls

A quad room is designed to house four students. The door from the main corridor opens into a common room that has a double bedroom on either side. Quad living combines privacy with ample opportunity for interpersonal interaction with others living in the building. Bathroom facilities are located on every floor. Privacy bathrooms (all gender) are available in each hall. Most quad buildings are coed with separate gendered quads living on the same floor. Ford, Grant, Hays, and Sherman are the quad-style buildings on campus.  In the past, Huntington was a Quad style building, but in the renovation, it has been converted to double rooms.

For Your Convenience

  • Each quad-style residence hall is fully equipped with a study lounge, recreation space, laundry, vending machines, kitchen and computer lab.
  • Cable TV is available in the main lounge.  
  • The college furnishes each student with a single bed, desk, chair, dresser and built-in closet (common rooms also have a couch).
  • Local and long-distance phone service is provided at no additional cost.  A request to turn on the land-line should be made to our IT service desk.  
  • The room/building has WiFi and each bedroom has an ethernet port that can be requested to turn on if a wired connection is needed/preferred.

Room Information and Details

 Ford, Grant, Hays, and Sherman room photos

Ford, Grant, Hays, Huntington, and Sherman room photos
Bed decorated
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