Sociology Department Courses

  1. The course instructor reserves the right to interpret and execute college, department and classroom policies.
  2. All classes, including exams, begin at the start of the class period unless otherwise noted. Tardiness is disruptive to the class, and may result in not being admitted to the classroom and/or a reduced exam grade.
  3. Every student has a responsibility to help create a safe and respectful learning environment. Any disruptive behavior, including the use of electronics (including cell phones) not sanctioned by the professor or college authorities, is unacceptable and may result in the student’s removal from class, disciplinary action through the Student Affairs Office, and/or being reported to University Police. Class ends when the instructor dismisses, and students should refrain from talking or preparing to leave until class is dismissed.
  4. Class attendance is expected. Students are strongly advised that a good grade is challenging without regular attendance since much of the material is based on understanding the lectures. Any class materials or notes are the student's responsibility, and the Instructor has no obligation to provide lecture notes, video presentations, or any other material to a student regardless of the class absence.
  5. Students are expected to complete the reading assignments promptly.
  6. Any cheating on an exam or assignment, if discovered, will result in an automatic E on the exam or assignment as well referral of the student to the relevant university disciplinary committee. The professor retains the right to assign a grade of E for the entire course.
  7. Makeup examinations are subject to the prerogative of the Instructor. Absence during an exam or when an assignment is due is not acceptable. The only reasons accepted for missing an exam or an assignment due date are (1) death in your immediate family; and/or (2) hospitalization, you or your immediate family. Immediate family is you, your spouse, your child, your parents, or your brother/sister. (3) court subpoena. If an exam is missed for any other reason, you will receive no credit [0] for that exam. Unless otherwise stated, students should assume that exams begin at the beginning of the class and should be ready to take the exam. Late arrival for an exam is subject to the same policies as missing an exam.
  8. The students are responsible for all material and announcements presented in the classroom. Ignorance of announced examinations, assignments, and/or course changes will not be accepted as an excuse for incomplete work in this course. A student is responsible for what happens in class.
  9. The instructor reserves the right to raise a student's grade based on an overall good performance.
  10. Please remember to be kind to one another. Every time you chat, walk around or eat while class is in session, you are making it hard on some of your classmates. If students complain about such behavior, or the instructor feels you are seriously disturbing the class, a warning can be issued in private or public. If the behavior continues on that or another day, the appropriate college authorities responsible for disciplinary issues will be contacted.
  11. The instructor retains the right to ask questions based on the reading, course lectures, or any other assigned work, whether it was discussed in class or in the textbook.
  12. The instructor has the ultimate authority to amend or except these policies based on professional standards of conduct.

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