Students who wish to return to Oneonta and who have not yet earned a SUNY Oneonta degree need to apply for Readmission through the Academic Advisement Center. Readmission Application

Application Deadlines

  • Applications for Fall semester due June 1
  • Applications for Spring semester due October 1
  • Applications for summer due April 1 (only available to those students who can complete their degree requirements in the summer of readmission)

If you have attended or are attending another institution since leaving Oneonta, all new transcripts must be received before a decision may be made.

Students who have been academically dismissed must be out of attendance for one full year and complete at least 12 semester hours* (s.h.) of academic coursework at another institution with a GPA of 2.50 before they are eligible for consideration of readmission. *Note: Students who attend institutions that follow tri-semester or quarter semester systems should call this office to determine the number of credits needed to equal 12 s.h. Students who return to Oneonta after academic dismissal have their lowest grades forgiven to raise their overall GPA to 2.00. Transfer grades do not count in the Oneonta GPA.

Please review the academic reinstatement policy for dismissed students for readmission options.

Filing an application is not a guarantee of readmission. Academic performance, disciplinary history, and space availability are just some of the factors considered.

Students who have previously attended Oneonta, and have earned a degree at Oneonta, must apply through Admissions as a transfer student. When corresponding with Admissions, be sure to mention that you have previously graduated from Oneonta. You can submit an online application with SUNY Oneonta here.

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