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News from the Department:

Assistant Professor E. Howard Ashford reports that his article, Freedom Courts: An Analysis of Black Women’s Divorce in Attala County During Mississippi’s Anti-Divorce Campaign, 1890–1940 published in March's USAbroad: Journal of American History and Politics, and his paper, Justice, Injustice, No Justice: African Americans and the Mississippi Criminal Justice System, 1890-1925 was accepted to the Historians of the Twentieth-Century United States International Conference for June 2021.

Associate Professor Betty Wambui, released a press release on the project she and others across SUNY campus have been working on signifying another small, important step towards greater inclusion, greater diversity, and intentional Black care. Our Students (campus-wide and departmentally) and the Department of Africana and Latinx Studies at SUNY Oneonta have contributed to this commitment that may transform SUNY in ways that we will have individual, community, generational, structural, and institutional impact.


Africana and Latinx Studies...ALS OPEN HOUSE 4-6 April 02, 2020

Visit with us and see what we do as a department!

What requirements are for the major and minor!

Get to know the professors in the department.


6:00 PM Via TEAMS Signup by April 6

Students of Color Coalition


Brothers Of The Black List Poster

Brothers of the Black List tells the story behind the longest litigated civil rights case in American history. 




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