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Transfer Students | Opportunities for Engagement

You are like a fingerprint; you are unique and come to SUNY Oneonta with diverse experiences and coursework.

Less time at SUNY Oneonta does not equal less success at SUNY Oneonta. Utilize this transfer student's guide to excellence to keep you motivated and moving forward.

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First Year | Find Your Focus

This academic year is to be used for adjusting to college life and developing better self-awareness, specifically your values, interests, abilities/skills, and aspirations. You will begin to uncover what it is that you want out of a career, internships or related experience. Taking exploratory classes and consulting with career counselors and academic advisors facilitate an understanding of yourself. It is highly recommended that you take PROF 100 Survey of Career Fields, a 1-credit career exploration course.

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Second Year | Explore Career Opportunities

During this academic year, you will take what you have learned about yourself and consider what is the most logical or appropriate career/major. You will explore these options by researching the various careers, majors and job descriptions, specifically engaging in discussions with a career counselor or academic advisor. It is important that you make informed decisions balanced by what you find interesting. Taking the time to investigate career and majors ensures that you have not missed a great opportunity.

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Junior Year | Build Your Skills

This is a critical academic year for you. During these ten months, you continue to narrow the job search by enhancing your skills and gaining knowledge and experience. It is at this time that you explore internships, find part-time jobs related to your career goals and seek leadership roles in campus organizations and in the community. You should also use this academic year to further develop a rapport with the faculty in your major and minor areas of study. The accomplishments from this year will open doors for additional career-related experiences in your senior year.

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Senior Year | Launch Your Career

This academic year is your capstone experience. You take what you learned through self-awareness, career explorations, and preparing for a career, and move forward to secure your initial goal of full-time work or graduate study. Preparing for this year has been a lot of work, and you will now see that the extra effort has paid off. You are now prepared to be competitive in today's job market or when applying to graduate or professional schools.

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