Color Palette

SUNY Oneonta’s official school colors are red and white. The college developed a palette of both vibrant and slightly duller hues to complement the official red. This palette has two functions. First it provides the framework for the college website. Second, it's a guide for other communication.

As our representation of color began on paper, our standard for the official red is rooted in the Pantone Matching System (PMS), which is a popular model for print. Our official shade of red is PMS 711. The college has not specified a PMS shade for any other color in the palette.

Each of the palette's colors—including official red—is defined in CMYK, RGB and hex color models below. The notes beneath the color definitions describe where each color typically is used on the website.




Official Red
PMS: 711
CMYK: 0/97/75/0
RGB: 203/44/48
Hex #: CB2C30


CMYK: 38/0/0/13
RGB: 133/193/221
Hex #: 83c1dd



CMYK: 1/8/100/0
RGB: 255/224/40
Hex #: ffee00



Dark Red
CMYK: 21/98/95/12
RGB: 178/37/41
Hex #: b22529

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Dark Blue
CMYK: 67/26/20/0
RGB: 85/155/183
Hex #: 559bb7


CMYK: 17/32/100/0
RGB: 215/168/16
Hex #: d7a810


CMYK: 48/0/88/13
RGB: 127/178/74
Hex #: 7fb24a


CMYK: 10/10/14/0
RGB: 226/221/212
Hex #: e2ddd4


CMYK: 48/44/81/20
RGB: 124/113/68
Hex #: 7c7144


Dark Gray
CMYK: 52/43/43/8
RGB: 128/128/128
Hex #: 808080