Mission & Goals

Our mission is to:

Provide services that advance the overall College mission to foster an individual student’s intellectual, personal, and civic development.

We are committed to leadership in the management and integrity of the College’s human, financial, technology, physical and information resources.

We serve students, faculty, staff and the greater college community in the most responsive, effective and efficient manner consistent with Federal, State and University policies.

The Division’s goals and objectives are guided by the Comprehensive College Plan. We support the faculty, staff, and students in virtually all aspects of the College’s mission. Of particular significance to the Division’s planning is the fifth goal of the CCP:

Quality of Campus Life

GOAL: To enhance the physical, human, and financial resources of the College in support of an environment conducive to studying, working, and living on campus.

  1. Continue to provide efficient, convenient, responsive, and customer-oriented administrative services for our students, faculty, and staff, using current technology and best practices in business and related support services.
  2. Make the College a "signature campus" within SUNY by continuing to create beautiful, functional, and well-maintained campus facilities and grounds, while implementing multi-year plans for academic, residential, OAS, athletics and recreation, and related facilities.
  3. Secure the financial resources and support services necessary for high-quality campus programs and services.
  4. Provide development opportunities for all employees that promote professional growth, strengthen client-centered services, and enhance the quality of campus life.
  5. Continue to provide faculty, students, and staff access to contemporary technology and effective training opportunities in the applications of technology.

These College-wide goals inform a set of seven, more specific Divisional Goals which also guide planning and progress by the departments and staff throughout our Division.

Divisional Goals:

  1. Support campus strategic planning initiatives, multi-year resource, and program planning and resource management.
  2. Continue to provide timely, efficient and convenient services to students, faculty, and other campus constituencies.
  3. Continue to advance our Human Resources program, and support the campus goals and processes for Diversity.
  4. Continue to develop, support and enhance current technology and information systems in support of the academic, co-curricular and administrative functions of the College.
  5. Continue major renovations and new facility planning and construction and campus beautification programs, including the College's Five-Year Capital Plan, Dorm Capital Plan and OAS Facilities Plan.
  6. Continue improving the OAS services, facilities, and contributions to campus life.
  7. Continue to advance the SICAS program and the SICAS Center.
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