Connect to the Internet

Register Devices on the Campus Network

You must register any device to be able to connect it to the Internet using the campus network.

You may register up to 10 devices. Visit this page to see what you already have registered and delete devices you no longer need.

Most campus community members connect wirelessly using Wi-Fi. However, you can also request a wired Internet connection in your room.

Before You Register

Do you know your SUNY Oneonta computer account and password?
You will need these to register. If you need to create an account or reset your password, then visit the Account Management page.

Is your antivirus software current?
Viruses can harm devices and damage the network. We recommend that you install an up-to-date antivirus program, enable on-access scanning and run full system scans periodically while using the campus network. Choose your own antivirus or download one of these for free:

  • Windows users can activate Microsoft Windows Defender, which is included. For instructions on how to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8 or 10, please contact the IT Service Desk or click here.
  • Mac OS users can download and install Avast Mac Security.

You’ll need to know the MAC address/physical address to register devices without web browsers.

How to find your MAC address




Mobile Devices (Android, iPad, tablets, etc.)

Game Consoles and Other Devices (Roku, Kindle, Smart Speakers, Chromecast, Smart TV, etc.)

Ready to Register?


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