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About the Re-Think Campaign

The Re-Think campaign was developed by the PAIRS committee with the goal of shifting our cultural messages surrounding the crime of sexual assault from one that is victim-blaming to one that is perpetrator-blaming. We initially launched the campaign during the Spring 2012 semester with more than 450 students participating.

This campaign was developed with the lifestyle of the busy student in mind. Instead of being focused on a one-time lecture experience, the campaign consists of a six and a half minute streaming video and the opportunity to get a T-shirt to wear on campus that exposes others to these new culture shifting messages.

The PAIRS committee welcomes new students to get involved with this campaign and help in a four-part evaluation process. Our hope is that our findings can be used to help other campuses that may have fewer resources. While our focus and charge is in changing the cultural climate here at SUNY Oneonta, we also have the opportunity to make a contribution to an important body of research.

Become a part of Re-think

If you would like to become part of the Re-think culture-shifters, you can work your way through the menu of links below which start with a pre-test, the video (your choices of .wmv or .mov), followed by the post-test.

Once your information has been processed on our end you will be contacted with information regarding how to receive your t-shirt. After that, you will be contacted about when PAIRS will be sponsoring "re-think" days on campus during which we request you wear your shirt.

As part of the ongoing evaluation of this program, you may be contacted in the future to fill out two short surveys about your shirt wearing experience and your overall campaign experience.

Here are the links in order, please complete each one before going on to the next. All three parts should take you 15-20 minutes to complete. Note: these links will open a new window or tab in your browser to make it easier to return to this page.


video for PC (.wmv file)

video for Mac (.mov file)


Note: If you participated as an individual with the program you will be emailed directions as to how and when to pick up your t-shirt.

If you participated as part of a group your shirt will be given to you by the person who organized your training.

On behalf of the PAIRS committee, I would like to thank you for your time and interest on this very important issue.

Rebecca Harrington, Health Educator


Office of Health Education
Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center
(607) 436-3368

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