Evaluation Form

An evaluation of a students internship will be based on the following:

  1. Weekly E-mail Reports: The intern must report to the faculty member by e-mail at least ONCE EACH WEEK during the internship period. Failure to make weekly email reports may be cause for receiving a failing grade for the internship. The email report should be a brief statement regarding progress in accomplishing the Music Industry Learning Outcomes and the student's description of internship activities. To ensure privacy, interns should not send email to faculty from the internship site.
  2. Faculty /Agency Consultation: A Music Department internship faculty member may request a brief on-site or other consultation with the internship agency supervisor to ascertain the student's responsibilities and progress in the internship. The faculty member will also communicate separately with the student about the internship experience.
  3. Internship Agency Evaluation: Near the end of the internship, the Music Department will send a brief evaluation form to the on-site supervisor for assessment of the student’s work. On-Site Supervisor Evaluation of Student Intern
  4. Successful Completion of Final Internship Assignments

Final Internship Academics Assignments

Students must complete and submit the Student Verification of Hours Worked Form and Learning Outcomes Form to the Music Department Secretary (see details below for each).

  1. Student Verification of Hours Worked Form:
    The Statement of Hours Worked must be completed by the student showing a computation of total hours worked during the internship on a week by week basis. The Statement of Hours must be SIGNED AND DATED by the student. The hours should be verifiable by examining the weekly emails and by speaking with the intern supervisor.
    Example: Your summary of hours (as indicated in the chart below) should look like this:


    Total Hours

    Example: June 1-7, 20___

    37 hours

    Total hours served for this internship (Add all the hours you’ve indicated)

    _____________Total Hours

  2. Learning Outcomes Form:
    The Learning Outcomes Form should be completed and submitted to the Music Department Secretary with other required work at the conclusion of the internship.

    *How to Submit Final Internship Assignments:
    Submit final assignments either by email to Music Department Secretary or by fax to the Music Department Office (607) 436-2718.

    Required assignments must be received in the Music Office upon completion of required internship contact hours and no later than the last day of classes for the semester in which the internship has been registered and completed.

    The student will not receive a grade for the internship until the Music Department secretary has received the successfully completed assignments and the faculty supervisor has evaluated them.

    Note: Please be aware that if you have applied for graduation and you have not finished your internship requirements by the deadline, you will need to resubmit your degree application and application fee to the Registrar's Office.

Course Evaluation

Students may be asked to fill out a Student Course Evaluation form and free response comment sheet. The evaluation is not part of the student's internship assignment or grade.

Instructors will not see the results of student evaluation until after the internship grade has been submitted. The forms will be sent to students by the Music Department secretary. Students are asked to return them to the Music Department Office. DO NOT return the Student Course Evaluation form to your internship faculty supervisor.

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