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Please copy and email this request form, which deals with the background of the group and type of program desired. You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been received. Please allow up to 48 hours to process your request.

Dr. Josh Nollenberg
Phone: 607-436-2620

Group Contact Information

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(There is a $50 suggested donation for private, non-school groups)

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The planetarium has a seating capacity of 28.

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Please provide any information about other factors that need to be considered when scheduling or planning your group's visit and program.

(School groups only) Please indicate briefly the nature of the work that you will have carried out with the class prior to their visit to the planetarium. Of particular help here will be an indication of: types of classroom activities; specific terms and names with which they will be familiar.

(School groups only) Each planetarium show includes an introduction to the night sky (constellations, stars, planets). The major part of each program can be individually patterned in level and content to the needs of the visiting group. Please indicate specifically what you would like us to include in our presentation that contributes most to your unit of study. The planetarium is at its best in demonstrating motions of: the earth; rising/setting of the stars; apparent motion of the sun through the seasons; the moon and its phases; the planets. However, we have a large library of built-in video clips and animations that demonstrate various other concepts: planetary orbits; flying to different planets and stars; seeing in different wavelengths of light; etc. The options are very numerous, so if there is something you think might be interesting to see, please include that and we can let you know if that is possible with our system.

(School groups only) In your evaluation of your students at the close of the unit, would it be possible for you to give an indication of the educational value of their visit to the planetarium? If so, would you be willing to provide your findings to us?
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If you would like to contact us about anything else regarding the planetarium:

Perna Science Building
Room 018A

Dr. Josh Nollenberg
(607) 436-2620

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