Steering Committee

Committee Charge

The charge of the PRODiG Steering Committee is to implement the SUNY Oneonta PRODiG Plan.  

The Committee will:

  1. build pipelines to academic careers among URM/WSTEM students;
  2. increase representation of URM/WSTEM faculty; 
  3. enhance the pipeline of URM/WSTEM students pursuing and entering graduate school and URM/WSTEM graduates to faculty and staff mentors; and,
  4. participate in selecting the comprehensive sector PRODiG Fellows.

Reporting Structure

The PRODiG Steering Committee advises and reports directly to Dr. Leamor Kahanov, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Provost will manage the PRODiG goals and report out to the campus community and SUNY.

Steering Committee Membership

Each campus is expected to convene a dedicated, diverse PRODiG Committee broadly drawn from faculty hiring and graduate pipeline "influencers" and leadership across the campus and provide data from the Provost’s Office on the impact on PRODiG. This will ensure a collective, centralized campus focus on the impediments to faculty diversity, as well as goals and strategies for removing historical barriers that have limited the growth of a more diverse faculty.

  • Dr. Tracy Allen (Dean, School of Sciences), co-chair
  • Dr. Bernadette Tiapo (Chief Diversity Officer), co-chair
  • Dr. Kelly Gallagher (Associate Professor and Chair, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department)
  • Tracy Hartwell (Personnel Assistant, Employment Opportunities/Human Resources)
  • Dr. Shahin Kachwala (Assistant Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies)
  • Kathy Meeker (Director, Grants Development Office)
  • Diana Moller (Assistant Director, College Assistance Migrant Program)
  • Joshua Nelson (Assessment Specialist, Office of Institutional Research)
  • Rhea Nowak (Director of the Faculty Center/Professor, Art Department)
  • Andrew Stammel (Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator/Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer)
  • Napoleon Tiapo (Financial Analyst, Academic Affairs)

Core Value

The PRODiG Steering Committee advances the College’s core value of inclusivity, as we seek to be an exemplar residential campus and to insure the institution's future. PRODiG plans directly support the Vision Statement of the SUNY Oneonta 2020 Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Plan: "Through intentional and sustained efforts, we will expand the recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff and work to enhance the quality of academic outcomes for all students. We will promote a shared responsibility across the campus community for upholding the principles of respect and individual worth, overcoming bias and barriers that hinder success, and creating an inclusive climate where all can grow and succeed."

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