Safe Space and Gender Inclusive Housing


Safe Space Housing: Safe space housing is a designed for students who are a member of, or supportive of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally community. This option is available in any of our residence halls. Only the students who live in these units are aware that they are “Safe Space” units.

Gender Inclusive Housing: The Gender Inclusive Housing community is currently located in Higgins Hall. This community is designed to allow students of any gender identity/sexual orientation to live together within one living unit in a supportive environment. This option is currently available to current Oneonta students, and a separate application is required. Application to participate in the Gender Inclusive Housing community does not guarantee placement in this type of housing.

For more information regarding Safe Space Housing or Gender Inclusive housing, please contact the Office of Residential Community Life or connect the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

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