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Read all the instructions below.  If you have questions, see your Residence Hall Professional Staff member (RM, RHD, or CD), or contact the Office of Residential Community Life, Wilsbach 106.

The room selection process is based on each person’s accumulated credit hours as of December 2018.  Those with the most credit hours will select first.  Additionally, Room Selection is available ONLY to those who currently live on campus.

In order to participate in room selection, you’ll first complete a brief application, as well as create your roommate groups.  All students will have a Room Selection Timeslot for this process.  Room Selection Timeslots will begin either March 25 or March 26.

Beginning now, you may log in to, and then click on the housing icon next to the Residence Life Portal link.

That link should take you directly into the Residence Life Portal. You should see a screen that looks like this: 

Image 1

Image One

To access the housing application and room selection, simply click on the “Housing Application and Returning Student Room Selection” link in the menu bar.  It’s circled in the image above.  You’ll be taken to a page which allows you to select the term you’re applying for.  It looks like this:

Image 2

Image 2

By clicking APPLY (circled in the image above), you’ll enter the first part of room selection.  You’ll see that there’s a process menu at the top of the screen, which walks you through the housing application, and then eventually to Room Selection.  You’ll only be able to get up to the creation of roommate groups for now.

The pages up through the “Roommate Groups” page are pretty simple to follow.  Please fill these out, and review the information that you provide carefully.  Please take the time to thoughtfully and completely fill out the answers to the questions you’re seeing.  Room Selection will use this information to suggest roommates for you, or, in the event that you do not have a roommate at the end of Room Selection, we’ll use this information to help assign an incoming transfer as your roommate.

As you complete these pages, the blue circles on the top of the page will turn into checkmarks, to signify completion.

We ask for Emergency Contact Information, as well as Missing Person Contact information.  In these areas, we’re asking for the contact information of the person you’d like us to contact in the event that you’re involved in an emergency.  Please do not enter your own contact information in this form.

Image 3

Image 3

The “Roommate Groups” page is where you’ll get to select your roommates.  If you do not have any requested roommates, you may simply click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the page.

In order to request roommates, one member of your group will need to create a “Roommate Group”.  Please note, if you are not able to find your requested roommate, they may not have started their application yet.  Please encourage your requested roommate to start their application so that you may add them to your group.

Image 4

Image 4

Once you click on “Create Group,” you’ll be able to search for the students that you want to add to your roommate group. Again, you may search by Details, Profiles, or the housing portal can suggest roommates to you. The creator of the group will need to make a name for the group, and a password for the group. The leader of the group needs to share this information with the folks that are being invited to join the group. The housing portal will send an e-mail to you if you have been invited to, added to, and/or removed from a roommate group.

Once you’ve successfully created a roommate group, you’ll see the members of the group listed on the “Roommate Groups” page. From here, you’ll be able to view the profile of the folks in your group, send messages to your group members, or remove a roommate. **Note, removing a roommate from your roommate group will send a notification to that student.**

Another important option here is the “MAKE LEADER” option. From here, the current group leader may assign another group member to be the group leader. As a group, you’ll want the person with the earliest timeslot to be the group leader. Timeslots will be assigned based on the number of completed credit hours you have on file at the end of the fall 2018 semester. In progress credits do not count toward this total. Additionally, the group leader will need to “VERIFY GROUP,” so that the leader may select for all students. You’ll see the “VERIFY GROUP” and “MAKE LEADER” options circled in the photo below:

Image 5

Image 5

You’ll be able to log back in to the housing portal at any time prior to selecting a room in order to verify your group and change the group leader.


Now that you’ve created and verified your Roommate Group, you’ll need to wait until Room Selection Timeslots are released, so that you can then proceed to Room Selection.  Once Room Selection Timeslots are available, you’ll receive an e-mail that instructs you to log back into the Residence Life Portal to view your Room Selection Timeslot.  You can view your Room Selection Timeslot by continuing your application in the Residence Life Portal.  The last available page to you will look like this:


Please note: Room Selection Timeslots are displayed in 24 hour time.  For instance, in the photo below, the time 13:57 is actually 1:57pm.  1300=1:00pm, 1400=2:00pm, 1500=3:00pm, 1600=4:00pm, 1700=5:00pm, 1800=6:00pm, etc…


Image 6


You will not be able to continue beyond this page until your Room Selection Timeslot.  You may select your room at any time AFTER your Room Selection Timeslot.  Room Selection will remain available until May 1, 2019.


**Once you and the other members of your Roommate Group receive your Room Selection Timeslot, make sure to go back to your Roommate Group and change your Group Leader to the student who has the earliest Room Selection Timeslot!**



At your Room Selection Timeslot, you’ll log back into the Residence Life Portal, and click “CONTINUE” on the application, the same way you did when you started your application/built your roommate group.  After you proceed beyond your Roommate Group page, you’ll see the “Initial Selection,” page.  Here, you’ll choose the room style that you’d like to try to select.  You may select any building to proceed to the actual Room Selection page.  It looks like this:


Image 7


For this example, I’ve selected Higgins Hall.  On the left hand side of the screen, there are 2 filters that you can use to narrow down your room search: Room Types and Locations (really, this is the Residence Hall).  Used individually, the Room Types filter will show you only that type of room, and the Locations filter will show you only available rooms in that Residence Hall.  Used together, you would be able to view a specific Room Type available within a specific Location (Residence Hall).  You can see the filters circled below:


Image 8


You can see that each bedroom is listed individually.  Additionally, you can see that each bedroom lists the number of available spaces in the unit, as well as within the bedroom as circled above.


You’ll need to select a unit that has enough spaces among the bedrooms to house your entire Roommate Group, as you must place all members of your Roommate Group in the same living unit/suite.  You select the bedrooms you want by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button for that bedroom.  In the example below, you can see that Higgins 003C, Higgins 003D, and Higgins 003E have been selected, and those buttons now say “Remove From Cart.”


Once you’ve selected enough bedrooms in the same unit to house all members of your Roommate Group, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “SAVE & CONTINUE.”  From here, you’ll have 10 minutes to complete your room selection.


Image 9


Next, you’ll assign each member of your Roommate Group to a specific bed.  As the selector, you’ll see “My Room,” first.  Click on the dropdown box that says “Select Bed” to make your selection.  Once you select your room, then you can assign your roommates to their bedrooms and specific beds.  As you assign students to bedrooms and bed, you’ll see that they say “Taken by (username).”


After all students in your Roommate Group are assigned to spaces, click on “ASSIGN BEDS” at the bottom of the screen.  This takes you to the Confirmation page.


Image 10



After all students in your Roommate Group are assigned to spaces, click on “ASSIGN BEDS” at the bottom of the screen.  This takes you to the Confirmation page, shown below. 


In order to complete your room assignment, you’ll need to review the information listed, and then click “SAVE & CONTINUE.”  By clicking on “SAVE & CONTINUE” on the “CONFIRMATION” page, your room assignment is in a tentative state for the 2019-2020 academic year.  You’ll have reserved the bedroom/suite/quad/apartment for you and your roommate group.


Image 11


The last step for you, as the selector, is to complete your contract.  Make sure to read the Residence Hall License provided on this page, prior to applying your electronic signature.  In the event that you are a member of a Roommate Group who has had their room selected by a group leader, you’ll receive information from us at a later date with instructions on how to apply your electronic signature to the Residence Hall License.  You’ll apply your electronic signature by entering your Oneonta Student ID number (It starts with A0).


Image 12


At the bottom of the page, click on “SAVE & CONTINUE.”  This will take you to the “Application Status” page, which gives you a summary of your application status, your room assignment, and the other students who are scheduled to live in the unit.  Your room selection is now complete!


Image 13


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