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Criminal Justice


Sociology Major Tracks

Liberal Arts -- for students who wish to explore the social world; fosters critical thinking, research and writing skills, and a broad-based ability to see the world through a variety of lenses. Students in this track have had particular success in double-majoring in such fields as Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and Anthropology. If you are interested in law school, the department recommends either this program or another liberal arts major (particularly Political Science) over the Criminal Justice major, because the emphasis on critical thinking and writing is particularly applicable to the study and practice of law.

Community and Environment -- for students who are interested in liberal arts sociology, but find themselves drawn to issues related to urbanization, rural poverty, environmental abuses, community change and community development. This track will prepare you for a wide range career and graduate training possibilities.

Criminology -- for students interested in the study of crime and is suitable for students who wish to pursue a career in criminal law, crime research and crime policy

Human Services -- for students interested in working in the social welfare system and other human services occupations. This program will prepare you either for work in a human/social services agency or future study in a Masters of Social Work (MSW) program. As there are more required credits in this program, it is more difficult (but not impossible) to dual major.

Aging Studies: Future plans are being developed for an Aging Studies Track that replaces the former Gerontology Studies Major. 

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