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Genders Everyday...”          


Dr. Greg Hummel 

Assistant Professor Communication Studies

Department of Communication and Media

SUNY Oneonta


5:30 - 6:30 PM



Genders are rarely understood in and beyond the academy as everyday enactments and embodiments of culture. That is, we communicate our complicity with and resistance to our genders in the most mundane and seemingly innocuous ways, every day. Yet, these communicative enactments never happen in a vacuum, even when alone. Our performances of genders influence and are influenced by the relationships we cherish and the relationships we abhor, in space and time, and always in relation to power. Resisting hegemonic structures of gender binarism rooted in racist coloniality and the collapse of gender/sex/sexuality into one identity vector, this experiment in staging performances of genders hopes to nuance our understanding of gender embodiment in the everyday, to invite intersectional reflexivity (Jones, 2010) in our everyday lives, and to uplift the voices and bodies demanding genders’ resignifications to both survive and thrive, locally and globally, in cisheterosexist systems.

In this experimental performance, I situate four brief critical autoethnographies (Boylorn & Orbe, 2014) within a composite narrative of my everyday experiences with gender and/at SUNY Oneonta. Guided by gender and sexuality communication, critical intercultural communication, critical rhetorical theories, and performance studies, I work to move gender from body to paper to stage (Spry, 2011), infusing scholarship on gender as it relates to intersectionality and the material realities of everyday life.

For more information about Gender Out of Bounds presentations contact Charlene Christie at or the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at 436-2014.

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