Application Process

All members of the community are welcome to apply for child care at the Bugbee Children's Center. Given the nature of caring for children of varying ages (i.e. the strict child to staff ratios we must adhere to), we often are operating from a wait list ESPECIALLY for children 18 months and younger. If you are pregnant and know you will be interested in the care our facility offers at 8 weeks, it is wise to send us an application early in your pregnancy. Please be aware, that we do have a priority procedure for families of State Employees and SUNY students. This can have a significant influence on the availability of care for children 18 months and younger.

Tips for finding care at our Center

  1. Many daycare slots open up at the end of August, the beginning of our program year, as children naturally age up and out of our program.
  2. It is easier to find care for Preschoolers (ages 3 and up)
  3. If you have any flexibility in your schedule or can work with a part-time schedule this sometimes works to your advantage. Once families are accepted into our program, we work very diligently to accommodate scheduling needs as space permits.
  4. A smaller number of spots often come available in January as we shift children to developmentally appropriate rooms.
  5. A few spots also become available in June as families withdraw for the summer.
  6. Less frequently, spots do come available outside of these periods because a family withdraws. If you are hopeful for care, we must have an application on file so we know you are interested and we may contact you.

Once a spot has been offered to you:

  1. Physical and Immunizations: The most important piece of paper we require is a physical provided by your physician. If you know you will be starting at Bugbee and have a physical scheduled please download this form and take it with you to be completed. Your child may not start until we have this physical in hand!
  2. Enrollment paperwork: This paperwork includes an emergency form, developmental history, CACFP form and illness policy. Please come to the office to pick up this material. You should allow 20 minutes to complete this paperwork
  3. Proof of Household Income and Enrollment Agreement: Once we have received your paperwork and proof of household income to place you on our sliding fee scale we can draw up an enrollment agreement for you to sign. This is basically our agreement to provide care based on the fees, schedule, and policies we mutually agree on. (If you do not provide proof of household income we will place you at our highest step for fees.)
  4. Deposit and Registration Fees: A $50 registration fee is required for all families and is non-refundable. A refundable deposit is also required at enrollment. $300 for full-time care, $150 for part-time care, $100 for subsidized care.
  5. Security Code: A security code, unique to each family, will be given once all enrollment material has been received. This code will allow you to enter the building during normal operating hours.
  6. Visit: Some families find the transition is easier if they visit the classroom before starting. This is generally a good idea for all involved, with the understanding that you will be visiting with your child for a short period of time. It is not in your child's best interest for them to associate the Center as a place to play with Mom and Dad. Departures can ultimately be made more difficult in the long run if this is the case. Once routines are in place, we wholeheartedly support active parent participation in our program!