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Life of the Mind

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Spotlighting the teaching, research and scholarship, creative activity, service, and varied integrated contributions made by our faculty to the intellectual life of the campus community and beyond.

Morris Conference Center
Displays open for viewing:
Wednesday, November 13 from noon to 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, November 14 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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LOTM Faculty Workshop

Open Access to SUNY Scholarship - Information Session/Open Forum
Wednesday, November 13, 10:00 a.m. in 104 Morris | Free and open to all

= designated as sustainability-related by the President’s Advisory Council on Sustainability
⸙ = supported by the Faculty/Professional Staff Research and Creative Activity Grant Program

Tracy Allen (School of Sciences)
Why Tibetan Grasslands and Forests are in Rapid Decline

Tasneem Amatullah (Educational Psychology, Counseling & Special Education), Kate Rousmaniere (Miami University)
Muslim Female Leadership Narratives in Islamic Schools in Ohio ☼ ⸙

Gustavo Arango (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
G. K. Chesterton's Essays on Literature: A Research and Translation Project

Jody Aultman (Human Ecology)
A Night on the Town

John Bagby, Bethany Marx (Theatre), Stephen Wilson (SUNY Oneonta u/g student)
Disgraced: Creating the Visual Design

Pearlie Rose Baluyut (Art)
South Africa: Identity Politics, Social Justice, and Human Rights through the Arts

Pearlie Rose Baluyut (Art)
Japan: An Art Historical Dialogue between East and West

Elizabeth Bastiaans (Biology), Cameron O’Loughlin (SUNY Oneonta u/g student), Nicole Javaly, Leah McCormick, Peter Wegrzyn (former SUNY Oneonta students)
Can I Buy You a Drink? The Effect of Male Hydration Status on Male Mating Behavior and Female Life History in Bean Beetles

Wesley Bernard (Art)
Blue Ribbon

Erica Brown, María Cristina Montoya, Elizabeth Small, Alejandra Escudero (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Creation of an OER Textbook for Spanish 101 and 102

Andrea Fallon-Korb (Sport and Exercise Sciences), Kendahl Shortway (Kean University)
Exploring the Disconnect: Differences Between Collegiate Athletes and Coaches in Perceptions of Mental Toughness

Kimberly Fierke (Sport and Exercise Sciences)
Defining an Athletic Sport: Following the Lens of the Office for Civil Rights

Paul French, Jane Simpson (Physics & Astronomy)
Frequency Analysis of Musical Instruments

Kelly Gallagher (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Jill Fielhaber (Biology)
An Interdisciplinary Initiative in Applied Learning: Laying Foundations for a SUNY Oneonta iGEM Team

Susan Goodier (History), Jillian Matheson, Samantha Zawacki (SUNY Oneonta u/g students)
Networks of Activism: Black Women in the New York State Suffrage Movement

Monica Grau (New Student Services)
Why They Stay: A Mixed Method Approach to the Creation of a New Framework for Student Persistence

Mette Harder (History)
French Politicians and the Police: Research on Revolutionary France at the Archives of the Paris Police Prefecture

Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology), Emily Berezowski (SUNY Oneonta graduate student), Emily Thompson (SUNY Oneonta u/g student)
Entangled Cohorts: A Cautionary Tale for Sampling in Population Genetics

Matthew Hendley (History)
Building Community without Democracy: Public Housing and Political Legitimacy in Colonial Hong Kong under Governor MacLehose, 1971-1982

Penina Kamina (Elementary Education & Reading), Maurice Odago (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Lessons Learned from Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Experiences

Adam Kent (Music), Nicholas Koziol, Jared Economou, Rebecca Straniere (SUNY Oneonta u/g students)
Dancing Letters: The Piano Music of Robert Schumann

Kpoti Kittissou, Christine Storrie (Economics, Finance & Accounting), Anthony Messina (SUNY Oneonta u/g student)
The Impact of Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse on Socioeconomic Outcomes

Katherine Lau (Psychology), Kaitlin Martins (SUNY Oneonta u/g student)
Dark Parents and their Children

Anita Levine (Elementary Education & Reading)
Why Choose the Teaching Profession and Why Stay … or Not: An International Comparison

Brian Lowe (Sociology)
Purposeful Simulations as an Agenda Setting Strategy ☼ ⸙

Michael McAvoy, Kpoti Kitissou (Economics, Finance & Accounting), Nicholas Giordano (former SUNY Oneonta u/g student)
Estimating the Marginal Revenue Product of a Premium Men's College Basketball Player

Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy)
CP2 Problem-based Pedagogy: Call for Proposals

Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy)
Dark Matter Interaction Cross-sections from the Dynamics of Galaxy Cluster Collision

Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy)
The SUNY Oneonta Planetarium as a Multidisciplinary Research Visualization Tool

Rhea Nowak (Art)
About Time

Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
Dimensions and Dynamics of Portage Glacier, Chugach National Forest, Alaska

Jean-Paul Orgeron (James M. Milne Library)
How Effective is the Language of Information Literacy?

Sarah Portway (Human Ecology), Tasha Lewis, Shorna Broussard Allred, Robert Frank (Cornell University)
Characterizing the Longitudinal Influence of Online Sustainable Clothing Information on Millennials' Consumption Behavior

Bharath Ramkumar (Human Ecology)
Sustaining Indigenous Textile Artisans and their Art in the North Eastern Region of India (NERI)

Florian Reyda (Biology), Brian Mullin (SUNY Oneonta graduate student)
Fieldwork Reveals Evidence of Parasite Extinction: The Case of the Thorny-headed Worm

Sarah Rhodes (James M. Milne Library), Jenna Turner, Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs (Faculty Center)
Breaking Codes of Silence: Talking about School Shootings with Teens through Young Adult Literature

Emily Riddle (Human Ecology), Anna Thalacker-Mercer (Cornell University)
RNA Transcript Profile Distinguishes Human Muscle Progenitor Cell Inflammatory Susceptibility

Sean Robinson (Biology), Katherine Martinez (SUNY Oneonta u/g student), Hannah Vollmer (Sterling College graduate student)
Population Genetic Structure of the Flowering Plant Diapensia lapponica (Diapensiaceae) in the Northerneastern Alpine Zone

Alanna Rudzik (Anthropology), Lyn Robinson-Smith (York University), Helen Ball (Durham University)
The Baby's Own Room: The Impact of Infant Sleep Location on Infant and Maternal Sleep and Maternal Well-being

Elio Santos (Psychology)
The Role of Cues in the Timing of Anticipatory Eye Movements

Robin Seletsky, Colby Thomas (Music), Alexander Margolis (Big Galut[e] Music Ensemble), Caitlin Eccher, Kelsey Hall, Nicolette Nault, Emily Walling (SUNY Oneonta u/g students)
"The Tale of Monish" – A Semi-Theatrical Setting of a 19th Century Yiddish Poem with Original Music, Choreography, and English Translation

Sean Shannon (Economics, Finance & Accounting)
A Legal Case Study: Using the Case of the "Monkey Selfie" as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Copyright Law, Procedural Law, and the Evolving Legal and Ethical Considerations of Legal Personhood

Aris Erik Stengler (Cooperstown Graduate Program), Sarah Callan, Miranda Sherrock, Alyssa Zajan, Kathryn Dragan (SUNY Oneonta graduate students)
Creating Hands-on Activities for a Science Fair

Karen Stewart (Communication & Media)
Justified: Transitioning the Old Television Cowboy into a New Television Protagonist

Robert Sulman (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)

Jiang Tan (Secondary Education & Educational Technology)
In-service Teachers' Perspective of K-12 Online Learning Environments

Kelly Tiderencel (Human Ecology)
Association between Diet Quality and Rate of Gestational Weight Gain among Pregnant Women in Dhulikhel, Nepal

Donna Vogler (Biology), Krystal Piucci (Biological Field Station)
A Bog Revisited: Cranberry Bog Flora 1994-2019

Barbara Vokatis (Elementary Education & Reading), Jianwei Zhang (University at Albany, SUNY)
Students' Literacy Practices in Scientific Cross-community Interaction

William Walker (Cooperstown Graduate Program)
The Inclusive Historian's Handbook: A New Open Educational Resource

Fred Zalatan (Biology)
Replication of the Ty1 Jumping Gene in Baker's Yeast: Effects of Mutations in Secretory and Vesicle Trafficking Pathways of the Host Cell

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